Add some glamour to your gadgets

I’ve long had an affection for stickers. As a child I would rush to the local newsagent armed with my pocket money to choose whichever pack of stickers was flavour of that particular month (failing to complete the Panini 86 World Cup album was probably the reason why I care little for Football these days). ? But sadly my life has been void of stickers now for many years… until last Saturday when a trip up to Leeds for the Think Visibility conference introduced me to Gadget Glamour, a company that specialises in customising (or glamorising) your gadgets (mainly Apple gadgets) with a range of stickers, skins and cases.

Due to their popularity, Apple products are where you need to be if you want the best accessories so I’m going to struggle to find anything suitable for my HTC Hero… but I have a Macbook too so bring on the stickers!

I know any slight blemish, scratch or defacement on an Apple product is enough to bring some Apple fans to tears but I’m not a fanboy and couldn’t care less. I also like stickers, so with that in mind I’ve been scouring the Gadget Glamour website to see what takes my fancy.

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