Great Northern Hotel – use it or lose it!

The Great Northern hotel in Peterborough – often the first sight visitors disembarking from the train see when they come through the station. Now it seems the owners are struggling to get punters through the doors, suggesting that Peterborough residents should be using the hotel and it’s facilities more.

I’ve commented on an article in today’s Peterborough ET but their website loses all the formatting so I thought I would regurgitate it as a post on here.

You can read the original ET article here, below is my original comment…

As Candidus has said, the hotel aspect of the Great Northern is unlikely to be used by those living in Peterborough, leaving just the bar and restaurant of which neither cross my mind as a venue when planning a night out.

Perhaps the Great Northern should embark on better (if any already exists) marketing to make locals and travellers alike aware of the facilities. There is a lot of choice for people looking to spend their money so the Great Northern is doing something wrong if people aren’t choosing to spend it there.

Again as Candidus mentioned, Prezzo’s is busy most nights which I would imagine is partially due to the 2-for-1 deals regularly available. This is also true for other chains like PizzaExpress and ASK.

To me, Jim’s Bistro was a breath of fresh air when it opened, finally giving diners something a bit more interesting on the menu. With the Beehive currently being refurbished by the team behind Jim’s Bistro, the Great Northern is going to have some competition.
The Windmill in Orton Waterville is the same – a destination restaurant serving good food with great surroundings.

I have long thought that Peterborough is lacking a respectable independent steak house. Maybe the restaurant could make that a speciality without all the pomp?

So come on Great Northern – market yourselves, tell us WHY we should come to you?? Having the railway station on the doorstep isn’t much of a draw for locals and when it comes to the crunch, most probably couldn’t care less if it was demolished (it would make the Station Quarter plans a bit more interesting for a start).

I eat out in Peterborough at few times every month and enjoy trying new restaurants but the Great Northern honestly never enters my mind. I’ve since looked at the menu of their Carriages Restaurant and it certainly looks good (if not a little on the pricey side) so it would make an ideal place to have an anniversary dinner or to celebrate a birthday, but would I book for dinner on a normal Saturday night?

What are your experiences of the Great Northern?? Let me know by leaving a comment below. (Please note, I’ll be moderating any Helen Clark comments)

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  1. I once went to the Great Northern for dinner

    It was excellent. Food, wine and service. Yet, I never went again.

    There is always the issue with the car park-I am never sure if it is free or how to get a token

    Nobody says ‘wow, the Great Northern’ instead it is known for the Jazz Club and formal functions which never seem to go right.

    I loved the afternoon teas in the garden!

  2. Thanks for taking the time to comment candidus, I’ve since been hearing from others with a similar story to yours. They had also been to the Great Northern in the past but haven’t returned, for specific reason.

    Come on Great Northern hotel, start marketing yourselves!

  3. My wife and I ate in the ‘Carriages’ restaurant at the Great Northern last night. They have a 3 course Table d’Hote menu which costs ?26 per head. The menu has about 6-7 choices for starter, main and dessert. One or two of the choices have a supplement. My wife had Scallops on a bed of noodles, Tournedo of Beef and Orange Creme Brulee for pudding. I had Confit Duck and Foie Gras Terrine, Rump of Lamb and Pavlova with berries.

    Most recently we ate at the Olive Branch at Clipsham, which as you may know has a Michelin star. Both of us agreed that the food and experience at the Great Northern was easily superior. It was the best meal we’ve had since we moved to the area 6 years ago.

  4. Good evening,
    Just to say I am the new GM of the Hotel, Would very like to welcome you to visit and rediscover the true hospitality of this iconic establisment.

    Kind Regards
    Umesh Sewnundun MIH
    General Manager

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