Review: The Beehive, Peterborough

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The all-new Beehive pub in Peterborough opened it’s doors on Monday (my invite must have got lost in the post…) so I popped along for a spot of lunch and a nose around to see what new owners James and Sharon Trevor have done with the place. For those of you that don’t know, they also own Jim’s Yard in Stamford and Jim’s Bistro in Peterborough (one of the best city centre restaurants in my opinion).

I’m going to go out on a limb and call The Beehive a bar – I don’t think it’s either a restaurant or a pub. The impression I got is that it’s aimed more at wine and champagne than beers and lagers. That’s not to say it only sells wine though, there are beers and lagers on tap!? As Peterborough already has some top notch cask ale pubs I think it’s wise not to compete with those, but is there demand for a wine bar?

So, on with the review…

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Great Northern Hotel – use it or lose it!

The Great Northern hotel in Peterborough – often the first sight visitors disembarking from the train see when they come through the station. Now it seems the owners are struggling to get punters through the doors, suggesting that Peterborough residents should be using the hotel and it’s facilities more.

I’ve commented on an article in today’s Peterborough ET but their website loses all the formatting so I thought I would regurgitate it as a post on here.

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Review: The Olive Branch, Clipsham

People had kept telling me to go to Clipsham, a little village off the A1 just North of Stamford where there’s a Michelin star rated pub winning all sorts of awards including Michelin Pub of the Year. That pub is the Olive Branch and when a family celebration was booked for their private dining room, I was excited to finally get to see what all the fuss was about. Continue reading “Review: The Olive Branch, Clipsham”