Chiquito in Hampton, Peterborough

Update – Chiquito has now opened in Peterborough! Click here to read my review

Rumour has it that the Chiquitos chain of Mexican restaurants is looking to open a restaurant in Peterborough – in Hampton!

According to the report, Chiquitos along with another “The Restaurant Group” brand Frankie and Benny’s (there’s already one at Boongate and a Little Frankie’s in Westgate) will be moving into buildings on the Pavillion West development (?).

Does anyone know where that’s supposed to be?

Both Chiquito’s and Frankie and Benny’s will bring a bit of informal dining to the South of Peterborough, but this might be a bit of a blow to existing restaurants in Hampton, especially the established Flamas restaurant. I’ve eaten at a Chiquito’s a couple of times and think they’ll suit Peterborough’s new found love of Mexican dining.

If you’re a twitterer twit then follow both Chiquito’s and Frankie & Benny’s restaurants. If anyone from The Restaurant Group is reading this – tell us all about your plans in the comments below!

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  1. I believe they will be built on a piece of land opposite the Tesco petrol station in the entrace to Sygnet Park which is a commercial office area.

  2. I moved to Hampton 6 months ago and have eaten in Flamas a couple of times and love mexican food so it would be good to have another place to go within walking distance, but would prefer independent restaurants rather than chains. It’s a shame people might not get into Hampton to Flamas but stop at Cygnet Park. If you can suggest some independents for newcomers that would be great!

  3. Hi Helen, are you new to Peterborough too or just Hampton?

    Peterborough’s got some great independent restaurants and pubs if you want to avoid the chains – Jim’s Bistro, Misaki, Charters/East are just three off the top of my head but I could go on!

  4. Hmm, I think it’s a good idea, bit of competition and all that!

    I’m not a great fan of the chains [hate F&B with a passion] however a Nando’s in Peterborough would be fantastic!!

  5. Am sure you’ve seen it by now, but there’s a sign up advertising both this and Frankie & Benny’s as you drive into Cygnet Park with Fleet House on the right of you. Not sure when they’re expected…maybe for Xmas?

  6. I would hope they can get it done in time for Christmas, most of the out of town restaurants would be pre-fabs anyway I would have thought. Plus they get the Christmas Party trade too! And no, I’d not seen it, cheers!

  7. Hi there
    My name is Paul and I am the restaurant manager for Chiquito which will be opening in the Hampton area, we are well on our way to our opening date of the 6th of December.

    If anyone would like to book a table or would like any info on our recruitment etc please call 07583884663

    Also, please tell us what you want from your local Chiquito? E-mail any suggestions to

    We are really looking forward to coming to the area!

  8. You seem to always discover things just before I do – I’m bookmarking your blog from now on!

    I live literally opposite Tesco in Hampton so could easily walk to these restaurants.

    I am so excited about FINALLY having decent places to go to right on my doorstep – especially as I like to indulge in the odd cocktail or five at both Frankies and Chiquitos!

    Coming from Leicester and living in Cambridge for a while, I’ve missed having a Chiquito’s close by!

  9. Thanks Sheena, it’s great that you’ve found my blog helpful! Of course I would always recommend bookmarking it 🙂
    Don’t forget you also have Flamas which is now under new management but like you I’m also very excited to see Chiquitos coming to Peterborough.

  10. I?ve only been to Flamas once but find that its quite overpriced for what it is which is why these new restaurants will be good. However, I did go when it was under the old management team so this may have changed.

    Both Frankie’s and Chiquitos seem to have frequent offers on too which is always good.

  11. Hi

    Chiquitos won’t have anything to worry about I know for a fact that flamas restaurant is changing to an Italian restaurant in jan or they may even shut completely! It’s no longer under new management as they have made the whole management team redundant! I do believe flamas is extremely over priced for what it is! Hence the reason they are struggling!

  12. The food was inedible; the chicken was so badly cooked/ burnt and chewy i couldn’t eat it.

    Service wasn’t greater either.

    If you want mexican in peterborough stick to;

    chimichanga (good food, service and atmosphere)
    Coco (great food, service but no atmosphere)

    Or Flamas (abit small, but the food and service are good)

  13. Hi Helen, of course everyone’s views differ but my experience of all four restaurants you mention couldn’t be more different. The food at Flamas was overpriced and nothing special and I felt Chimichanga a let down on food, service and the atmosphere. I asked the waitress in Chimichanga for a hotter hot sauce and she couldn’t understand my request – not great for a Mexican restaurant!
    I thought the atmosphere at Coco was good, as was the food and service.

    Did you raise your concerns with staff at Chiquito? We ate there for lunch yesterday and were served a burrito instead of the ordered enchiladas – our waiter quickly took the dish away and an enchilada meal was served a few minutes later. Service is something Chiquito need to keep on top of as whilst some of the staff might be relatively green, customers are still paying and expect a good experience. So if you’re not passing on your feedback they have no way to improve.

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