The worst road in the UK?

I’ll admit that the title of this post is intentionally vague. “Worst road” could mean many things, accidents, nuisance neighbours and crime to traffic or even potholes. But tonight Matthew, I’ll be talking about flytipping.

I’m sure other towns and cities across the UK have problem areas (or grot-spots as some like to call them) where flytipping is rife, but spare a thought for those living at the Paston Ridings traveller’s site where you could be forgiven for mistaking the 1km road leading up to their front doors as a landfill site.

Watch this video on YouTube to witness it for yourself

I’m not sure how the council have managed to let this road get to the state it’s in, or why the residents at the travellers site haven’t made any effort to clean it up themselves – it can’t be good for their own health living in such conditions. From the video and also thanks to the wonder that is Google Maps Street View, you can see how localised the flytipping is – it doesn’t creep much past the entrance to the site.

The environment charity Keep Britain Tidy is currently promoting it’s “Big Tidy Up” events nationwide (I’m planning on taking part in my local area next month), so perhaps those living in and around Paston Ridings could spare an hour or two although some of the waste shown looks more like construction materials than household waste, so a few bin liners might not cut it.

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  1. I saw this on the ET website but didnt realize how bad it was until I saw the video!!!! Clean it up!

  2. It’s quite ironic that Dogsthorpe householders waste the local landfill site is less than a quarter of a mile from this lane!

  3. When we were auditing this route for our cycling and walking maps we were politely advised not to try to pass along it by one of the residents. Apply your own conclusion to that but as a direct result of it (well that and the fact that there was a huge bonfire burning in the middle of the route) we chose not to put this route on our maps.

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