Peterborough has Vivacity!

A few weeks ago Peterborough City Council announcement their intention to move all running of public sports, leisure and arts facilities into a new Peterborough Cultural and Leisure Trust and today I found out the name of said Trust – Vivacity!

Vivacity - Peterborough Culture and Leisure I hope this means an improvement in services for Peterborough residents, considering we’ve just lost another theatre (the Cresset is closing in a few weeks in case you hadn’t heard!) but why they feel the need to market it with a rebrand is beyond me. Rather than coming up with names, mission statements and logos,? just get out there and provide the services!

According to an article from the Institute of Sport and Recreation Management,Vivacity is the culmination of three years’ work. So this has been in the pipeline all this time?

“The launch marks the beginning of a push to encourage more people to use the city’s cultural, leisure and sports facilities.” – I’m not sure how many people will feel encouraged to pay more for Peterborough cultural, leisure and sports facilities but it’s not like we have much say in the matter.

What the move to a trust does mean is that once it has charity status there are additional benefits and the services will be able to dodge exempt from business rates that normally apply to business, so that alone does make financial sense.

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  1. I think it’s a great idea although I am biased as the team at Bushfields are being really supportive of a charity event I am now holding at their facility in August of this year.

    I have had the pleasure of using nearly all the facilities now listed under the vivacity trust and I have to say they were good before so improvements can only make the facilities even better.

  2. I joined bushfield gym last week following great offer that was to be had.
    The gym is very good, all the equipment is in good working order, and the staff are very freindly.

    At present I can get on most of the equipment as not many attend during lunch times, but I will be interested to see how busy it gets as people take up the offer

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