Come Dine With Me – Peterborough

News is that the Peterborough version of Come Dine with Me has now been filmed and is due to air later on this Summer!

Regular readers of this blog will know I’m a fan of the series and a bit of a foodie but there’s no way I would put myself forward for the show. Cooking under pressure isn’t any fun, plus over the years CDWM has become a bit of a caricature of itself with the contestants often paired together in the hope of something dramatic on TV.
Then with the endless repeats shown across digital TV it’s hard to keep track of which is the current series, so I’ve found my interest waning… of course I’ll be setting V+ to record the Peterborough episode of the show!

So I wonder what we can expect to see when Peterborough get’s it’s 5 minutes of TV fame. Will we have a mix of the cultures that make up Peterborough?? English meets Asian meets Italian meets Eastern European?

Will the aspiring hosts be shopping locally at some of the great meat suppliers we have like Willowbrook Farm and deli’s like The Pasta Shop?? Will Peterborough get off lightly when it comes to narrator Dave Lamb’s comments?

If you know someone that took part in this episode of Come Dine With Me, I’d love to hear more about their experience!

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  1. My friend took part in Peterborough Come Dine with me adding to that she won. So I am looking forward to watching the show as also I am a big fan.

  2. I’ve been waiting for this but it hasn’t been on yet, I tried to Google it and have been on the Channel 4 website, the search returns no results. Did this really happen? Can someone post a link up as I’d like to watch it? Cheers.

  3. I know someone that is in it and they didnt enjoy the experience much. It is being shown W/C 11/09, so next week. Enjoy

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