Creating a buzz in The Bee Hive, Peterborough

Beehive pubSitting quietly on the edge of Peterborough town centre with Bourges Boulevard and the Asda carpark for company, the Beehive pub has always been a bit of an unknown quantity in Peterborough’s pub scene. Admittedly I’ve never had up the courage or the desire to go inside, finding the location a bit inconvenient and never knowing if it’s still open for business.

I’ve not held back in the past with making my feelings known about Jim’s Bistro (read my review here), the French-esque restaurant on Broadway so hearing that owner James (Jim) Trevor is taking over the Bee hive has got my attention. What are Jim’s plans for the Bee hive?

I’ve also heard that there are new offices being developed next to The Bee hive which would make a perfect catchment area in addition to the existing Solicitors buildings. Being sited at the far end of the Asda carpark is also a boon as it provides great closeby parking – even if the pedestrian access to the carpark is a little treacherous. Who doesn’t love a game of “dodge the taxi drivers”?

With his experience in great cuisine I’m hoping something along the lines of a gastro pub rather than an all-out boozer and with little competition it might do very well indeed. Apart from hotel restaurants, there’s not much at that end of Peterborough city centre if you want quality food – a couple of Asian restaurants and pizzeria’s but the rest are chain pubs flogging what can only be described as a cheap menu at best.

So fingers crossed for Jim and Sharon, lets hope this venture is a success and I look forward to seeing what they do with the place.

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  1. there is a group of about 25 of us on a good day that come from march to support the posh,we have tried to make the beehive our home from home in the past couple of years although its been closed for most of that time,we were hoping to visit when it reopens but by the sound of your review we may not be welcome

  2. It’s worth trying the Beehive when it reopens as I’ve only written based on what I’ve heard from others, so you may be more than welcome!

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