Renting a car in America in 2010

When it comes to driving in America, choosing the right car is half of the fun. When you’ve got endless miles sat with the cruise control jammed into “on” you need to make sure you’re in a happy place so choosing the right car is essential.
Even with the price of fuel being so much cheaper in the US, I’ll be ignoring the thirsty supercars in favour of something slightly sensible.

So looking ahead to what the car industry has to offer in 2010 I’ve found there’s quite a few models that tick the right boxes.


A model I’ve never heard of before is from Ford’s luxury brand Lincoln – the Lincoln MKZ. With headlamps that look slightly Saab and a front grille that’s straight from a Weber bbq, this beast of a car is an executive’s dream with it’s AWD and leather interior.


Another unfamilar brand to me, the Acura RDX is (according to a car encyclopedia) the luxury brand of Honda and once you’ve seen both the exterior and interior styling it starts to make sense. The dashboard is feature packed as you’d expect with a great instrument cluser that looks more like something you’d find on Gran Turismo than inside what’s essentially a family 4-door AWD.


Back to America for the final car and this time a GM Chevrolet. The Chevy Equinox is a 5 seat crossover with a choice of two powerplants, both of which use fuel-saving direct injection technology. The quality of the materials used in the build of this Chevy are reported to make the driving experience feel more like a Cadillac than a cheaper Chevrolet which is great news for the rental market where you’re not bothered about the badge on the front.