Chimichanga Peterborough

I’ve heard that restaurant group Prezzo is looking to move into what is currently the Verve bar in Peterborough city centre and open a branch of their Tex-Mex chain Chimichanga.

Until a couple of years ago, Peterborough’s was pretty devoid of Mexican restaurants but then we saw the fantastic Coco restaurant and more recently Flamas in Hampton both of which are independently run and are making a great go of bringing Mexican and South American flavours to the city.

The Prezzo name is already a familiar one in Peterborough with an established Italian restaurant just doors down from where Chimichanga will be, so the group know their Peterborough clientele.

I’m not familiar with the Chimichanga chain but their menu looks well priced with a good variety of dishes to choose from. I will of course be paying a visit to the restaurant when they open (if anyone from Prezzo is reading this, I’d like to be there on opening night…) and can’t wait to sample the chipotle meatballs!

The new Chimichanga restaurant will be well positioned opposite the new St John’s Square development which is currently the site of the demolition-in-progress Corn Exchange building, so I’m guessing we can expect outdoor seating at the front. Verve has the benefit of a nice enclosed garden area at the back so I hope Chimichanga make full use of this.

You can find Verve Chimichanga at: 5 Church Street, Peterborough, PE1 1XB

When I find out more about Chimichanga, I’ll let you know so watch this space!

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  1. We used to munch Papa John’s like it was going out of fashion until recently. It’s all cardboard now, and what’s with that yellow (supposed to be) garlic dip rubbish? Urghh.

    We don’t eat Papa John’s any more.

  2. Oh don’t get me started on the garlic dip! What a waste of space that is, I’m sure it’s just to get people to spend ?35 on a sour cream dip! At least Domino’s get that right.

  3. That’s not good – did you all have the same? Chains like Chimichanga normally have super-high standards for food hygiene and feedback from others I’ve spoken too has been quite favourable!

  4. Oh no! I was going to go to Chimichangas on Saturday night…did you get the food poisoning from there?!

  5. I would still go Jacqueline, in fact I’m planning to very soon! I’m sure Jahnee’s experience was a one-off and might not have had anything to do with Chimichanga anyway.

  6. Good point Sheena! I’ve only been hearing of good things from others that had a great time at Chinichanga, so if Jahnee’s experience is true it’s a very bizarre isolated case. Hopefully they have since spoken to the management so that any problems could be rectified in future.

  7. Well I will hopefully be trying it for myself in the next couple of weeks so I shall let you know what I think.

  8. I’m a long standing Prezzo regular, not sure why but I?ve just not had the urge to go to a Chimichanga. I didn’t even know they were ‘related’ businesses, think I might have to give it the place a go. If they can get Italian cuisine right then I’m sure their effort at Mexican cuisine won’t fall short of the mark.

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