Flamas Peterborough – Review

Flamas restaurant
Flamas restaurant

Well that came around sooner than expected. Only a few days after my original blog on the Flam?s restaurant in Hampton I found myself sitting around a table in the restaurant with friends and a Caipirinha (or three).

In case you didn’t know, Flam?s is tucked away deep within the Hampton Vale estate on Four Chimneys Crescent (it’s not as much of a building site as the out of date map suggests) and is easy to get to from either the Fletton Perkins parkway or London Road (A15). If you can find your way to Tesco, you can get to Flam?s.

So what’s good about Flamas?


Inside the restaurant is really well decorated, great lighting and some good music (although the CD kept skipping which became a little annoying). The bar is directly opposite the door and features a whopping great TV showing a roaring fire – a very nice touch.


We’d booked in advance and were shown straight to our tables where a member of staff gave us a quick break down of the food and drinks menu. This kind of attentiveness from the front of house staff continued throughout the night and was one of the highlights of our Flam?s experience, definitely a credit to the restaurant.

Menu variety

The Holy Bible (cocktail menu)
The Holy Bible (cocktail menu)

For both food and drinks, Flam?s delivered a fantastic variety so you’re not going to be stuck for choice even after your 3rd or 4th visit and generally the food served up was of good quality.

…and the not so good?

It’s never nice to criticise a restaurant where I’ve left having had a good night but I think there’s definite room for improvement.

We all agreed that the food wasn’t particularly good value for money, with some paying ?12 for 6 cubes of steak on skewers which was incredible given a sirloin steak was only ?2 more. Worst still was a ?2.95 side order of? Tostones ( deep fried Plantain) that ended up being just three small discs, which at ?1 each were virtually tasteless.
In addition, we were offered ice cream or cream with our desserts but were not told that there would be a 50p surcharge for choosing ice cream.

Anticucho de carne
Anticucho de carne
Flam?s' Carne Asada steak
Flam?s' Carne Asada steak
Tostones - deep fried plantain
Tostones - deep fried plantain @ ?2.95

The quality of the food was good, maybe a little ordinary but still good however there just wasn’t much of it. Had Flam?s been in a city-centre location and was selling itself as an experience in fine dining, you might have excused them but as it’s not on both counts, I think they need to either increase portions or reduce the cost of the dishes.

I would have liked to have seen a dedicated seating area where people could enjoy drinks without having to dine, but the size of the restaurant limits that.

Flam?s has all the right ingredients: decor, atmosphere, staff and staff but just needs that little bit more to set it apart from it’s city centre rivals. Latin American restaurants seem to be all the rage in Peterborough at the moment, first with CoCo and then Latinis so there is serious competition out there for Flam?s.

Should you go to Flamas?

Yes, I would go back myself even with the issues I’ve raised. If you live in Hampton then absolutely try Flam?s – you’ll get a great night out and can (probably) walk home.

Find Flamas at:
114 Four Chimneys Cresent,
Hampton Vale,
Peterborough PE7 8FH
Telephone: 01733 241246

If you’ve been to Flam?s then I’d love to hear what your thoughts are – just leave a comment below!

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  1. I have had many good meals here, and its great Hampton has some independents!!! The value is fair and the staff friendly and local people. Good luck to them and lets hope we can see more like this in Peterborough city centre-Growborough

  2. I have eaten here twice, once with business colleagues and once with my family. The promotional lunchtime prices are excellent value. 2 courses for 7.95, and not cut down portions or cheaper choices either. The food is very fresh tasting, and the staff are all extremely pleasant. I highly reccommend a trip to the Hamptons just to visit Flamas.

  3. Me and my husband (who lived on Hampton at the time) visited for a meal and was hugely disappointed. It was a big let down after having waited for the opening and our wanting to support local business. We were prepared to splash out and I ordered 4 cocktails over the course of the night but felt a bit cheated as I didn’t even get a warm feeling and for someone that doesnt drink alcohol that often to have 4 cocktails at ?25, that’s an issue. The food was mediocre. The half chicken I ordered was dry and stringy.. When I pointed this out to the ‘young’ waiter who took my plate away he said sorry but that was the end of that……… not good. I too had refried beans and plantain which was dry and just awful really. I can’t remember the starter I had but it was unremarkable. My husband commented that his meal was OK. but JUST ok. Nothing to write home about and he kept quiet that they didn’t cook his steak as he’d asked for it. I personally wouldn’t spend 70.00 going there again as there are far better establishments, far better located with far better quality of food and more streamlined customer service. We were also out of the restaurant by 9pm as we felt a little rushed.

  4. Terrible lack of choice for vegetarians, and very small portions for price, food was only just warm, complained and got nowhere, would not go again.

  5. My partner and i have just got home from here.
    After waiting about 10 mins to even be acknowledged we were finally seated. We got our drinks fairly quickly but then had to wait a futher 15 mins for our order to be taken.
    We had nachos for our starter which were okay.. but didn’t taste of alot. Our main came out about 20 mins or so after finishing the starter. We both had the fajitas; chicken and steak, both very tastless..

    Not once did anyone come over and offer us another drink or ask us how our meal was, it took a good 25 mins for someone eventually clear our table.
    We mentioned the issue with the food with the waitress and the manager (i think) brought us a free drink over each and said nothing else about it.

    Over all the waitresses are very friendly, but the manager was awfull, shouting at the waitresses, and came across very intimidating when talking to us.
    We certainly will not be going back here!

  6. We went here and ate from the lunch menu as we felt the evening menu was much too overpriced for the location. The food was ok but I wish it was a bit cheaper so I could come here in the evening. I wouldnt mind, but I dont think the food is good enough for what they charge.

  7. I have been twice to this restaurant and found the food delicious if a touch pricey. Strange, though, that their website, which I used previously to book a table, now goes to a “register this website” page.

  8. Visited Flamas for the first time last night with friends from Manchester – we have just relocated to Hampton Vale – and Flamas is within easy walking distance. We had 3 course meal, all had somethjing different, and the food was really nice and very well presented. The rack of ribs (main meal) was enourmous and so were the accompanying crispy wedges. Easily would have fed 2 people! Yes, a little pricy and its probably what is keeping more people from coming here but they are missing out on some great food! The service was excellent, the whole experience was top class. Cocktails were, in my opinion, plentiful in alcohol! Try it, we will certainly be revisiting.

  9. I have now eaten twice at Flamas, trying different food on each visit. I think its good value for money, a good atmosphere, big enough not to be overheard for those romantic evenings and the booths are very cozy. Loved the food here and worth the trek over from the centre of town. I plan to go again soon as i think it just gets better and better now the now management are running the show. Would defo recommend!!

  10. Sad to hear flamas has closed. Food was excellent and a million times better than the slow-service, luke warm and junk food service at chain mexicans.

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