Ask, Peterborough micro review

It’s hardly even worth calling this a review; I’m only blogging about Ask because it deserves more than a 140 character twitter and this was my first encounter with an Ask restaurant.

Ok, so Ask is a chain of Italian restaurants selling pizza and pasta. More upmarket than a Pizza Hut and about the same as a Pizza Express, that much you (probably) know.

What makes my experience of Ask in Peterborough so worthy of a blog post is that the manager actually seemed interested in his customers experiences of the restaurant. The service was personal but not to the extent of it being creepy and the restaurant building itself is fantastic, being in one of Peterborough’s oldest buildings.

I’m sure being tucked away on Priestgate serves Ask quite well – out of the way enough to dissuade certain diners from venturing outside of their town centre comfort zone (even though Priestgate is less than a minute away) but close enough to attract office workers and those after a nice meal out. The outside dining area is perfect when the weather is this good, something I think the manager is hoping to capitalise on and I don’t blame him.

Takeaway pizza’s are also only 5p short of ?6 which is a bloody bargain considering what other places in Peterborough charge!

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