Edoya renamed to Misaki

I’ve been meaning to make a quick blog post about this for a while now, but it slipped my mind.

For whatever reason, Edoya (Peterborough’s damn fine Japanese sushi and noodle bar) has been renamed to “Misaki”. The staff are the same, the menu’s the same (i.e. bloody fantastic) and well, it’s the same. Just a different name.

So if you’re struggling to find Edoya, or wonder if Misaki is the same place, then now you know!

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  1. Happened across your blog, via a goolge for edoya website.

    We are a huge fan of Misaki nee Edoya too. Also found it very confusing as to why they rebranded when everything else is exactly the same 🙂

    Was telling my friend that they do free delivery within 3 miles, so you don’t even have to leave your armchair – how cool is that?

  2. Hi Tia, welcome to my blog!

    I don’t know if they changed for legal reasons but as everything else is still the same I didn’t give it any more thought 🙂

    I didn’t know they did free delivery… and I’m within the 3 mile radius!

  3. You should definitely give it a try Andy, it’s almost bordering on fast food so makes a change from a greasy burger when you’re in town doing a spot of shopping! Health in a bowl 😉

  4. We have changed our free delivery to 5miles!
    And have added more offers such as: Monday – Thursday 10% Off everything from 12Pm till 5pm; Advance booking on over 8 get 10% off anytime. We’ll have more offers soon. Thanks for the support. Misaki

  5. Hey, thanks for this. I just recently found this great restaurant and really love the food. I can’t find any opening hours information, anybody know about this?

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