Nokia N95 – The (old) new iPhone killer

Up until last week, my N95 was just “the phone I had”. It was good at some things, average at others. Then something happened that made me rethink my opinion on the N95… could it have been an iPhone killer all this time, right here under my nose?? This is my story.

Early last year I was on the hunt for a new mobile phone, writing this and that whilst deliberating which handset ticked all (or most) of my boxes. Continue reading “Nokia N95 – The (old) new iPhone killer”

Edoya renamed to Misaki

I’ve been meaning to make a quick blog post about this for a while now, but it slipped my mind.

For whatever reason, Edoya (Peterborough’s damn fine Japanese sushi and noodle bar) has been renamed to “Misaki”. The staff are the same, the menu’s the same (i.e. bloody fantastic) and well, it’s the same. Just a different name.

So if you’re struggling to find Edoya, or wonder if Misaki is the same place, then now you know!