Google Street View spycars spotted in Peterborough

Looks like Google have finally found their way onto the mean streets of Peterborough and are currently snapping away, gathering information for their forthcoming Google Earth Street View.

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The infamous Google black car was spotted by Graphic Designer Steven Booth ( and posted to Twitter.

Due to launch this Spring, Street View will let you virtually navigate the streets through Google Earth and Google Maps. Until now, the nearest a Google Street View car has been sighted has been St Ives and Cambridge, but the photo shows that they’re not just covering the main routes but also residential areas.

There have been various campaigners in the US against this apparent invasion of privacy so who knows what will happen when the service actually goes live in the UK.

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  1. Seen in Werrington, Peterborough this afternoon, the kids were playing out the front aswell, they can’t wait to be famous now 🙂

  2. Seen this few days ago while on my driving lesson – got me all excited. It was going past the police station and up the London rd or it may have turned towards Woodston instead, I’ll never know.. lol

  3. Saw It A Couple Of Weeks Ago Now, Going Towards To Town Centre From Bowling Alley Way,
    Got Me Slapping My Bf I Bleve :L
    Cant Wait To See It

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