Pot racks answer kitchen storage prayers

Our kitchen suffers from a lack of storage space for big pans. We’ve got a couple of woks, the awesome Woll pan, loads of saucepans and a couple of griddle pans. Oh and a cast iron skillet.

Needless to say, fitting them all (and then getting to them) along with their respective lids is a nightmare so I was looking for a suitable solution when I happened across Enclume pot racks.

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A logo for Peterborough

Seem’s that Opportunity Peterborough have commissioned a new brand for Peterborough, with a new logo being part of the result:


Personally, I’m not that convinced by the new logo. It’s a bit wishy washy (technical term) and “the future is you” is a godawful tag line, hardly inspiring and almost sounds like someone is passing the buck onto us as Peterborough residents.

Breaking the logo down into it’s relevant parts it becomes clear that:

  • “green” is at the centre of Peterborough (p)
  • Peterborough is a drab grey place to live/work/play
  • The colours behind the “p” represent all of the discarded lollipop sticks littering the city’s street.

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Fresh food = better food

I’ve always believed there’s no such thing as bad food, only a bad diet. So whilst it’s not a great idea to live on a diet of beige chicken nuggets, oven chips and god knows what else, in moderation it’s ok. Then a friend recently asked me to look at a new website they’d seen called Phytolife which is all about educating the food consumer into how they can lead a healthier life by eating Phytonutrients (or superfoods to you and me).

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Windows XP and Vista drivers

A couple of months ago I invested in a spanking new laptop which meant my old Dell Inspiron could be put to good use as a testing / development / backup PC. It was only once I’d wiped everything did I realise that I’d also deleted the folder marked “drivers” which as you’ve probably guessed, had all the drivers for the laptop.

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Find a hotel deal with Hotelsespanol

Launched at the start of the year, Hotelsespanol is a Spanish website that gets you some of the best prices I’ve seen for last minute hotels in Spain.

After looking for various last minute breaks to some of Spain’s liveliest cities, I decided on a small shortlist of Barcelona hoteles and Madrid hoteles:

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Find Love at Bannatyne’s Peterborough

It’s not uncommon for businesses to cash in on events like Valentines day. You know the kind of thing, florists reminding absent minded men to order a dozen roses or restaurants offering special menus for couples, but when I had an email from Bannatyne’s Health Club gym in Peterborough I was a bit unsure as to the message they were trying to get across…


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Finding the best web hosting

Every web designer loses sleep when it comes to choosing a web host. How do you know the most expensive is going to be the best for your business – is the cheapest cheap for a reason or are they just damn good value?

A search for web hosting reviews returns nearly 270,000 results in Google UK and nearly 3 million if searching with Google.com!? To make matters worse, new web hosts pop up every day making your job of finding a suitable hosting company even more difficult.

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buymmoaccounts.com – buy and sell your MMO accounts

There’s absolutely no doubt that MMO (or massively multiplayer online) games are big business.

With millions of players worldwide it can be daunting for newcomers to find themselves up against a level 80 Horde Death Knight when they’re still only a level 3 Warrior, so it was only a matter of time before companies started providing the means to buy MMO accounts and resources. Likewise, if you’ve finally decided to hang up your leather armour for good and retire from the game, but have painstakingly built up a fantastic MMO account over time then now you can sell your MMO account.

Now you can reliably get all your account sales needs from BuyMMOAccounts.com. With legitimacy and security guarantees, this has to be one of the safest ways of getting a boost into World of Warcraft. buymmoaccounts.com scam has reviews from genuine customers – all independently verified by Ratepoint.

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