Fox and Hounds Peterborough closes

I’ve just spotted a story on the Evening Telegraph’s website on the Fox and Hounds closing following it’s recent change in ownership.

Last I heard was that it had improved recently too so it’s a shame that they’ve had to close the doors. Hopefully it’s just a temporary setback and nothing to do with my last post on the Fox and Hounds Longthorpe pub…

Beware of rogue Quality Street

Christmas is a wonderful time for those with a sweet tooth. Not only can you hope for fantastic gifts like selection boxes or crates of retro goodies but you can bet that you’ll also encounter a tin of Roses or Quality Street on your travels. And it’s at the tin of Quality Street where it all goes horribly wrong…

Since a child, I’ve always preferred Quality Street to Roses (and don’t get me started on the filth that is Celebrations and Miniature Heroes). I’m more of a toffee/caramel person and find that Roses tend to be a bit sickly, which is why I avoid the Quality Street “creams” offerings like the plague.

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Have a crafty Christmas

This year, why not add the personal touch to cards and gifts by making them yoursel?

Peterborough-based craft warehouse Pondskipper Crafts have everything you need to put together some great looking gifts. Ok, they don’t have everything – you need some degree of creativity in your blood but apart from that Pondskipper have it all!

If someone you know has a new addition to their family, why not make them a great scrapbook or photo album?? For the entrepreneurs amongst you, why not make several cards and approach local shops to stock them?

Now is the time to stock up on all your craft supplies though as Pondskipper are currently running a 15% off discount throughout December, and what use are Christmas cards in January anyway?