Peterborough Council did wheelie well

Tuesdays are bin days down our street. That means dragging a wheelie bin out onto the pavement for a team of crack refuse commandos to speedily empty and return it back in front of the house for us to wheel away for another fortnight (no weekly bin collections for us – well, we alternate between general waste and recycled waste) at least, that’s how it’s supposed to work.

That evening we got home from work only to discover we were a bin down. Panic!? It’s dark and maybe our bin has been accidentally wheeled into a neighbour’s front garden in our absense but come a quick recce the following morning there’s no green bin in sight. We’ve been the victim of wheelie bin THEFT!

No doubt the bin has been binnapped by a hardcore gang of refuse receptacle traffickers and will soon be found pimped out on the streets of Bulgaria.

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Light up your life

One of the downfalls of being a freelancer is that you’re often just working solo, probably from the spare room / study and don’t have much call to leave the house, especially when the weather’s as miserable as it has been recently. Add to that the clocks going back the other weekend and now it’s dark outside even earlier.

So with that in mind, I’ve been thinking lighting and more specifically lamps and even more specifically, desk lamps (I do work from a desk, so it makes sense!).

What I hadn’t expected was the vast array of lamp designs and styles – upright necked, jointed, goosenecked or even keyboard lights. Once you’ve sorted that, then you need to consider the type of bulb!? Thankfully what could be a potential nightmare is made so much easier with websites like that crawl the internet looking for the best shopping deals.

I found several fantastic looking desk lamps, but they were all from shoppers in the US… the hunt continues!

Even more Celebrity Come Dine With Me

If Peter Stringfellow’s dodgy sink and Linda Barker’s embroidered napkins left you wanting more then want no longer – the last celebrity episode was so good, Channel 4 have another celebrity edition of their popular Come Dine With Me “cookery” show coming our way this November!

Airing at 8pm on Channel 4 this Thursday (13th November) the show will star the nation’s favourite hairdresser Nicky Clarke OBE, Mrs Vic Reeves Nancy Sorrell, model and businesswoman (and pop singer…) Caprice and last but most definitely not least, the original Little Jimmy Osmond!

Whilst these celebs might not be at the forefront of current pop culture, they’re hopefully the show will be a little more bearable this time around.

So, set your Plus system, your CD-R or maybe your trusty old VCR – Celebrity Come Dine With Me, Channel 4, Thursday 13th November, 8pm.

Official Channel 4 Come Dine With Me website

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