CMS Made Simple WYSIWYG table outlines

CMS Made Simple is a great content management system. It’s free, easy to get to grips with, quite powerful and the forums are fairly helpful when you need help.

There are obviously quirks with it (as there is with all off the shelf software) such as tables inserted within the WYSIWYG editor lacking any outlines, making placement quite problematic (think “invisible table”).

Thankfully there is an answer with at least the current versions of CMS Made Simple (1.4.1 at the time of writing this) having an option to turn table outline borders on and off.


From within the CMS Made Simple admin control panel, go to: Extensions > TinyMCE?WYSIWYG > Advanced (tab)

There you should see a checkbox for the option “Include only screen CSS”. Tick that, update the settings and give the WYSIWYG editor a whirl.

If all has gone well, you should now see the outline borders when editing page contents.

2 thoughts on “CMS Made Simple WYSIWYG table outlines”

  1. thanks for post, it helped me, do you know how to put a link on image, if I write like this {cms_selflink page=”news” text=””}, i get a image, that is wrapper aroung “” these symbols

  2. Hi, thanks for your blog. I have been fooling around for months with the invisible table edges but now it finally gets on the screen again.

    Kind regards,


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