Fox and Hounds, Longthorpe, Peterborough

The Fox and Hounds is a popular, lively pub in the area of Longthorpe in Peterborough, one of the old “townships” in the City and serves a fairly decent food menu along with usual drinks.

When I was recently sent a link to the Fox and Hounds website, I imagined the site to be a fairly traditional effort, giving the contact and location details of the pub, maybe a few sample menus and photos of the building or interior. After all it’s a busy place so you’d expect them to have at least a basic site in place…

…how wrong I was!

See the Fox and Hounds Longthorpe website for yourself, you might want to be sitting down though as it’s a sight to behold, it really is.

Assuming you want to get in touch with the pub, their contact details are:

The Fox and Hounds

Thorpe Rd
01733 264126
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2 thoughts on “Fox and Hounds, Longthorpe, Peterborough”

  1. I cant believe how pointless their website is! they have now refurbished the inside and its sooo much better, i’ll let them know there website is pants next time I’m in.

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