Celebrity Come Dine With Me – The verdict

As I predicted in my previous Celebrity Come Dine With Me post, there were some definite cringe moments, mainly due to Michelle Heaton’s lack of underwear – does this woman ever wear a bra?? But Peter Stringfellow’s collapsing kitchen sink was probably the highlight of the show.

From the off Linda Barker was out to impress and was in her element with an immaculately presented home. Anyone would think she does this for a living… Her napkins were embroidered with “come dine with me”, which she described as a groovy idea. Whatever you say love.

That aside the menu was relatively normal, no disasters but her dog biscuits turned out to be dog-shaped biscuits. I was looking forward to “double creep” Lee thinking he was a bit posh because he was nomming a Bonio.

Lee’s extravagant menu consisted of Camembert, lobster, truffles and chocolate pots. Oh and he made a lobster bisque at the last minute and couldn’t wait to let everyone to know.

Michelle’s food was actually better than I expected, although she did put shame into the souls of healthy-eating Geordies by explaining that as she was from Newcastle, she was brought up on Greggs. So was she also brought up to host dinner parties wearing no knickers?? Classy.

Peter Stringfellow. If there was ever someone who you could have a preconception about it would be him and when it came to his bedroom at least, he didn’t disappoint with a ceiling mirror and obligatory handcuffs on the end the of bed.

When it came to his food, he actually put on a half decent effort. I say half decent because 50% of his menu was flavoured ice cream which didn’t go down too well with the other diners. The tuna and beef looked fantastic though.

Linda and Lee took first place followed by Michelle and finally Peter bringing up the rear. Overall it wasn’t the best of the celebrity specials, but it was ok.

The Channel 4 website has a whole section dedicated to Come Dine With Me and gives you a full breakdown of each episode in each season!

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  1. On the episode of come dine with me Linda Barker embroidered some napkins. I would like to know the make and type of embroidery machine she used to create these. Any help you could provide would be greately appreciated.

  2. On the episode of come dine with me where Linda Barker embroidered some napkins, could you tell me what kind of machine it was and where I can possibly get one? I would really appreciate it thanks.

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