Don’t forget your Christmas Cards!

This year I’m being all proactive and have already purchased my boxes of Christmas cards (or “holiday” cards for those of you in America) to hand write and send out to clients and the accountant. I’ve probably not sent personal Christmas cards out since I was in primary school and even back then it was just a competition to see who could get the most cards from the cute girls, so going to the effort of writing cards again after so long was a bit of a shock. Making sure the handwriting was all neat and tidy felt like I was about to be judged!
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Fox and Hounds, Longthorpe, Peterborough

The Fox and Hounds is a popular, lively pub in the area of Longthorpe in Peterborough, one of the old “townships” in the City and serves a fairly decent food menu along with usual drinks.

When I was recently sent a link to the Fox and Hounds website, I imagined the site to be a fairly traditional effort, giving the contact and location details of the pub, maybe a few sample menus and photos of the building or interior. After all it’s a busy place so you’d expect them to have at least a basic site in place…

…how wrong I was!

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Brackmills Northampton is on fire

News just in – Brackmills, Northampton is on fire!

I’ve had several calls from friends working in the area around Caswell Road and apparently the blaze is massive.

According to the Chron, a 60,000 sq ft factory is up in smoke:

The blaze, which could be seen from several miles away, broke out just after 2pm at Garrard Waters, a flooring company based in Caswell Road.

Early signs suggest an aerosol in the plant may have split and the flames come into contact with one of the factory boilers triggering a massive explosion.

Read more at the Northampton Chronicle and Echo

Can you see the fire from where you are?? Let me know, post a comment below!

Limon Cafe Peterborough Closes

According to tonight’s Evening Telegraph, the popular Limon cafe on Peterborough’s Bridge St has closed it’s doors due to a visit from the bailiffs over an unpaid Council Tax bill of ?85,000!

The cafe has been nominated as one of the region’s Food Heroes on the UKTV Food campaign so it will be a shame to see it go – their breakfasts were always a treat, if a little pricey.

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Peterborough Nene Parkway Chaos

Ah, the joys of roadworks in Peterborough.

Just when motorists breathe a sigh of relief as the Fletton parkway FINALLY comes to an end, another load of works start up a bit further down the road.

You just have to laugh really, there’s nothing else to do whilst sitting in queuing traffic. Maybe the council could organise a troupe of roadside entertainers for us all to watch?? Oh hang on, they’ve done that – you can see them wearing their high-vis jackets and standing around getting a tan.

Celebrity Come Dine With Me – The verdict

As I predicted in my previous Celebrity Come Dine With Me post, there were some definite cringe moments, mainly due to Michelle Heaton’s lack of underwear – does this woman ever wear a bra?? But Peter Stringfellow’s collapsing kitchen sink was probably the highlight of the show.

From the off Linda Barker was out to impress and was in her element with an immaculately presented home. Anyone would think she does this for a living… Her napkins were embroidered with “come dine with me”, which she described as a groovy idea. Whatever you say love.

That aside the menu was relatively normal, no disasters but her dog biscuits turned out to be dog-shaped biscuits. I was looking forward to “double creep” Lee thinking he was a bit posh because he was nomming a Bonio.

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Celebrity Come Dine With Me 2008

The next best thing to cooking (and eating) great food as got to be watching it being cooked on TV and with hundreds of shows and dedicated TV channels, us foodies have never had it so good!

Narrated by the hilarious Dave Lamb, Channel 4’s Come Dine With Me series is one of those shows that quietly sits in the shadow of all the F-Word’s out there but after four series it’s a format to be reckoned with. 4 (or 5, depending on the series) strangers all take turns to cook a full blown meal for the other diners in the course of a week, with each host being scored based on their skills in the kitchen and at entertaining. Needless to say, there’s always a lot of bickering going on which just adds to the appeal of the show.

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Page redirect with CMS Made Simple

If you’re scratching your head on how to get an HTTP redirect with CMS Made Simple, then save your scalp and scratch no longer!

All you need to do is create a User Defined Tag (UDT) within your CMS MS admin (Extensions > User Defined Tags), call the tag “redirect” and paste the following code:

if( isset( $params['to'] ) )
    global $gCms;
    $manager =& $gCms->GetHierarchyManager();
    $node =& $manager->sureGetNodeByAlias($params['to']);
    $content =& $node->GetContent();
    if (isset($content) && is_object($content))
         if ($content->GetURL()?!= '')
    else return '<!-- redirect udt - page not found: '.$params['to'].' -->';

To use, add {redirect to=”page_alias”} into one of your pages, or somewhere intelligently placed in your template. If it’s going into a template then you should have an if statement around this, or you’ll get some nasty redirection loops!

Credit to calguy1000 for writing the function.

Further reading:


I don’t know if they have always been there but I’ve since noticed the CMS Made Simple tags redirect_url and redirect_page

To use, insert into your page or template:

{redirect_page page="some-page-alias"}


{redirect_url to=""}