WordPress is NOT a CMS

According to a recent poll by CSS-Tricks, 40% of those in the survey said WordPress their favourite content management system.

Now I’m no expert when it comes to CMS platforms, but I’ve developed with a few, tested out a few others (before uninstalling and running away) and even use one (WordPress to be exact) for this blog, and I’m quite happy to put my neck firmly on the line and say WordPress isn’t a proper CMS by my standards.

That’s not to say WordPress doesn’t do a fantastic job at what it does best and that in my opinion is to be a blogging platform. Yes it can behave in a similar fashion to a more familiar CMS layout but I can’t help but feel it’s being forced into it. I’ve even seen WordPress used for eCommerce solutions and again, it can work for some but it’s not really going to compete with an Amazon clone.

My preference for a CMS would follow along a similar vein to CMS Made Simple, Joomla or MODx where everything just feels better designed with a tagging system that can integrate quickly into most designs and when you need to get into the code to do some hacking, they are a lot more forgiving. As I write this, I’m actually trying to come up with an example of how my idea of a CMS differs to what WordPress is offering me right now as I type…

I suppose it probably comes down to not giving WordPress a chance outside of the blog remit but for 40% of people to say it’s their favourite CMS does make me wonder what their reason behind the choice would be.

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