Blogging due to peer pressure

Not me, I have no problems plucking thoughts and observations of my daily life out of my head and hammering the keys until words appear on the screen. No, it’s my spikey-haired friend Matt (not to be confused with Mattysmash who I introduced at the start of the year) that I’ve bullied into opening a blog.

Neither of us are really sure what he’s going to be writing about as by his own admission, his life is pretty boring. If you can be bothered, you’ll see he’s been to the cinema and has bought a woolly hat (and you thought my blog was lacking in content!).

Anyway, have a look at Mattywoo

How to get Cubecart 4 friendly URLs on a Windows server

Cubecart 4 includes the option to rewrite the standard URL structure into “search engine friendly” URLs.

This means that instead of a product in your shop having the pretty awful address of

you can have it rewritten into something like

Much easier for humans I’m sure you’ll agree and hopefully search engines will love your keyword-packed URLs too.

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The week that was

The first week of July’s been a little hectic and has seen the launch of the new Remus UK website for performance exhausts, the purchase of a new car (dapper Focus Zetec in a grey colour – probably called Sunset Blue or something by Ford’s fartarse design department) and the discovery of a new (well new to me) Indian takeaway in Peterborough.

Oh yes, curry is that important to me I feel I need to put it in writing! The establishment in question is the Donner & Balti Express, but don’t be put off by it’s dubious name, this is in fact an award winning curry house! Chef Mohammed Abdul Hakim has been awarded Peterborough Curry Chef of the year for three years in a row.

I’ve also discovered this week that Moo have finally added business cards to their already fantastic range of moo minicards, stickers, greetings cards and postcards. Arriving in a pretty-much-standard 84x55mm, you get to choose from a couple of paper options and can upload images and designs to make the cards stand out. What makes Moo even more appealing is that you can have a number of different designs printed in the same batch, giving you an assortment of different cards!

If you’ve had your head in the sand for the past few years then you won’t have seen Moo cards before, almost like cigarette cards of old, these are often used by aspiring designer types as a cheap by eye catching business card alternative. But now they’re an alternative no longer.

Who knows what delights next week will bring!!