MySQL search and replace

It’s something that can have you pulling your hair out in frustration but the solution is so simple.

Finding (and replacing) text in your MySQL database tables has almost become a past time of mine recently, converting a foreign database into reading something a bit closer to the English language.

If you use a frontend to your MySQL database (like phpMyAdmin or SQLyog, Navicat, etc) then go to create a new query and enter the following (replacing the table and field names as required of course!):

UPDATE tablename SET tablefield = replace(tablefield, "findstring", "replacestring");

It’s Brian Zimmer I have to thank for that, so please view the example on his website for including more search options. Also worth a mention is MybesInformatik who’s site I stumbled on when I couldn’t remember the URL for Brian’s site!

Say “nr” to HP Sauce!

This was something I wanted to write about a while ago now but for some reason, never got round to it. In case you missed possibly the biggest news to rock the UK food industry since they stopped making Wispa bars (the first time around) in May 2006, Heinz announced that they were going to stop making HP brown sauce in the UK.

As soon as the Heinz purchase of the HP Foods company was a done deal, Heinz then proceeded to close the Birmingham factory and switch production to the Netherlands. That’s right, Britain’s number one brown sauce is now coming from Holland of all places!!

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No town centre fun for Peterborough

The results of the Peterborough ET’s recent night life survey is in and the results aren’t that surprising when it sometimes feels that the only people that are vocal with their opinions are those that don’t really have anything good to say about Peterborough.

With only 12% of those surveyed rating Peterborough as “Good” or “Excellent” for a night out you’d think most city residents would be on anti-depressants by now. However, on a closer looking at the survey results it seems that only 21% never enjoy a night out in Peterborough – that’s 79% of people surveyed enjoying a night out at some point.

So how are the 79% enjoying their night out if 88% (59% rating poor and 29% rating average) are generally unhappy with the experience?

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Wiked Curry

Spotted on the wall outside my local curry takeaway was this witty retort to what looks like anti-meat protesting. I wonder why with a city, country and world where millions of people are happily munching away on pieces of lamb, beef, goat, whathaveyou, someone’s decided that this kebab and pizza shop is obviously a hardcore player in the world of meat.

I can appreciate some people choose to not eat meat, but why force your beliefs on others? It’s not as if the typical customer of this place is really going to give a damn… or be able to read.

Indian cuisine in general works quite well with veg and on my recent trip to Kerala ate mostly vegetable dishes (and the odd fish curry) with some wicked thali’s to be had.

It’s good to know I could quite happily do without meat as long as I could keep hold of my spice box!

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Happy Birthday

It seems only yesterday when I first stumbled on the community website and forums, sitting in my shared student house in Oxford, most probably eating a chicken kebab from the nearby Oxford Kebab House (in Headington if you were wondering) with a couple of spoons of their home made chilli sauce…

Sorry, got a bit carried away there. Right,

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Drinking Mojitos at CoCo Peterborough

Getting a cheap drink in Peterborough is easy, but getting a good drink in a venue with a bit of atmosphere has until recently been a bit more of a challenge. In a town full of clone bars like Yates/Weatherspoons, cocktail bar and Mexican restaurant CoCo shows that there is a demand in Peterborough for something a bit more interesting.

So on a recent visit into town with a couple of friends, we decided to pay a return visit to CoCo to relax on the funky red sofas and drink Mojitos!

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More petrol vs diesel

A couple of days ago I wrote about the increasing cost of fuelling a car and whether the petrol / diesel price difference really is worth it any more.

Since then I’ve spotted an article by Autocar magazine stating that the eagerly-anticipated Skoda Fabia Mk2 vRS may not use a diesel engine, instead relying on a turbo-powered petrol engine to provide any hope of sportiness. This reminded me about a feature written by well-known performance motoring hack Peter Knivett for VW magazine Golf+.

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