Peterborough is unsafe at night

That’s if you believe what you read in local newspapers that is. To those thousands that travel into the city centre each weekend after hours, have a bite to eat and a bit to drink then maybe a dance and a kebab home, Peterborough is a pretty decent place.

Ok it’s no bustling metropolitan city like Manchester or Birmingham, but really who wants it to be? I personally don’t. Peterborough’s “that place” where people go to get their passport at the last minute. They didn’t know it existed before and they’ll probably forget again until they need another passport in 10 years time.

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Petrol vs Diesel Prices

Thanks to my lack of motoring last month, I’ve been able to see the true difference a month has made on fuel prices in the UK.

Here in Peterborough I was paying 115.9p a litre at the end of April yet just 30-odd days later the price at the pumps is 130.9p!? What the hell happened in the world whilst I was in hospital?? I go away for a few days and the whole economy shuts down!

Similarly, the price of petrol has risen too from a paltry 106.9p to 115.9p/litre so why has diesel increased at a higher rate than petrol?

I find myself partially to blame…

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When Freelancing is a bad move

I can’t really remember much of the month of May, well not in a work sense anyway.

This is where freelancing really isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Yes you’re your own boss and you can roll out of bed and be at your desk, but when you’re seriously ill you start to realise how dependent you are on putting the hours in otherwise bills don’t get paid.

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Peterborough District Hospital

The NHS always gets a bad press with people reporting as they see it, but following a recent operation I personally can’t thank enough the doctors, nurses and staff at Peterborough District Hospital (PDH to locals).

With long shifts of around 12 hours a day I saw a number of different nurses including those from local RAF bases all of which had fantastic professional attitudes and really helped to make my recovery as comfortable as possible (which was difficult with various tubes sticking out of my body).

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