Getting closer to that iPhone

I posted the other week about giving the iPhone some consideration as my next handset and now it seems O2 are doing the damnedest to make that dream become a reality by making their tariffs more realistic.

Leading gadget website Gizmodo suggest that the change has come about due to the poor sales of the iPhone in the UK.

Now all new and existing iPhone customers on O2 (because some naughty people unlock theirs) will be able to get an iPhone on a ?35/month tariff and get 600 minutes and 500 texts each month. For those on the other tariffs, minutes and texts increase accordingly.

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Tuesday Night is Spice Night

While all the other Indian restaurants in town are empty mid week, Peterborough’s Royal Spice at the Westgate end of Park Road is doing a roaring trade to a packed restaurant week after week.

I don’t think it’s any secret how they manage it either – good service, great food and oh, on a Tuesday you get a full meal for just a tenner. Poppadom, starter, side dish, main and rice (or Naan) for only ?10.

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Cooking burgers can be exhausting

I bet you love what I did there.

You may have guessed from the title of this post that it’s something to do with cooking burgers and exhausts and you wouldn’t be far wrong. In fact, you’d be absolutely right.

Some clever Iranians have spotted a gap in the cookware market and have designed a device to cook a burger from the heat of a vehicle’s exhaust. Spotting a gap in a market dominated by the likes of George Foreman and Jamie Oliver, the team have produced what looks like a cross between a frying pan and a lean-and-mean grilling machine.

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We have a new contributor!

Ranting about the world at large can be a full time job so it’s always nice when someone offers to lend a hand and has the same kind of views and opinions as you.

Bullshit introductions aside, I’d like to welcome mattysmash to Jofftastic. I’m sure his words will keep you entertained for at least a few minutes.

Mattysmash (or just plain ‘Matt’ to his Mum) is lead designer at one of Peterborough’s newest web design agencies, Ninethirty Creative. In a city where dire web agencies have had it their way for too long, Ninethirty are going to separate the monkeys from the men (cue macho grunting and chest beating).

I hope you’ll enjoy reading his thoughts as much as he enjoys sharing them.

Pizza Express finally opens in Peterborough!

Peterborough Pizza ExpressPeterborough’s branch of the Pizza Express restaurant has finally opened it’s doors to the public with a line up of local glitterati in full attendance.

Opened by the man who originally founded the chain, Peterborough’s own Peter Boizot, the 90 seater restaurant is sure to be a welcome addition to the towns line-up of existing Pizza restaurants. Various city councillors, Peterborough United players and the usual Peterborough businessmen and ESP girls also turned up for a (pizza) slice of the action.

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Rubbish Boys Juiced Edition

It feels like ages since I last blogged about the world of Dodo Juice but while I’ve been slacking the guys in the Dodo labs have been beavering away to bring a bit of their magic to Rubbish Boys, retailers of everything you need to detail your car to perfection.

When Rubbish Boys decided to produce their original own wax (cunningly called Original Edition), they got on board with Dodo Juice to refine it even further. The end result is a sophisticated mainstream wax known as Rubbish Boys Juiced Edition.

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I think I need an iPhone

I don’t want a million devices in my pockets – a phone, occasional camera, personal music player and possibly some kind of GPS sat nav are typical of what might be weighing down my Next denim.

The answer is a pretty simple one, with the Nokia N95 being possibly the best all round solution for the above and with my Orange contract up for renewal shortly, I’ve been toying with the idea of leaving for O2 unless disconnections can come up with something of interest. But now I want to receive (and send) emails, it’s left me in a bit of a pickle as to which of the current breed of handsets are up to the job.

The N95 can receive email, plus with it’s Symbian operating system (I’m told) it will support a few email clients that have been cunningly written for the mobile device. The only thing that puts me off is the ABC character entry which is find for quick tapping an SMS but an email.. I don’t think so.

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How IKEA name their products

You probably thought that IKEA’s naming convention for their products was a random procedure whereby an untrained chimp would choose a word from a Scandinavian dictionary but no, it’s a lot more structured than that.

In Nancy Friedman’s blog, she discusses the revelation into how chairs and desks are given male names, with curtains and materials being given female names.
It doesn’t end there though, every product is meticulously grouped and assigned a name from a particular source.

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