Tesco becomes Scrooge in time for Christmas

According to Peterborough’s Evening Telegraph, Tesco bosses have discovered a payroll error which has resulted in 300 workers at their Peterborough Parnwell distribution centre being overpaid since July. Now Tesco has demanded that the wages were either paid back or unpaid hours are worked to cover the debt.

That sounds fair enough to me and yes whilst it sounds harsh at this time of year, being the season of goodwill and all that jazz, you don’t expect to keep money you’ve been overpaid. Especially when it’s by a large organisation like Tesco.

Maybe a couple of packs of Stella would be better received?

The article in the ET has comments from members of staff that feel hard done by Tesco, stating that they don’t get a bonus, just shares. I’m sorry but shares in Tesco were at 482.25p when I last checked so it’s hardly a worthless gesture. Maybe a couple of packs of Stella would be better received?

Yes Tesco posted pre-tax profits of ?2.55 billion this year, but they didn’t get to where they are today by giving out money by mistake.

The article continues that some members of staff have been overpaid by up to ?150! Surely even employees on minimum wage would be able to afford deferred repayments?

Bah humbug? Read the full story and make up your own mind.

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