Audi LED driving lights on a Corsa.. sort of!

As far as I know, this Corsa could be the first non-Audi to sport the strip of lights although in this case they are used to highlight part of the bumper rather than being a part of the headlamp unit.

Spotted over at the VAGweb forums (for owners of everything Audi, VW, Skoda and Seat), the Corsa has been getting mixed opinions.

I guessed it wouldn’t be long before Audi-style LED driving lights found their way onto other cars and even though public reaction hasn’t been entirely enthusiastic towards the distinctive LED lights, people have nonetheless taken it upon themselves to integrate the lights into their own cars.

audi led lights on a corsa

I’m guessing there’s definitely a few quid to be made out of producing these for a range of cars, so who’s going to be the first to bring them to market?

12 thoughts on “Audi LED driving lights on a Corsa.. sort of!”

  1. To the owner of the Corsa…


    Pity those poor people who are desperate and deluded enough to think their ?2k piece of crap can look like an ?80k ?R8. Just like they used to think a set of ?19.99 replacement tail lights from Halfords would turn their little banger into a Lexus. But then, these are the type of folks that even if money were no object, they’d still drive a pink phantom with furry leapardskin seats 27 inch gold spinning rims.

    …Actually, make that a Maybach !

  2. Don’t be too down on the modders ? used to Airfix kits, now it’s cars.

    I think they these lights look coolish in a twinky sort of way.

    A Corsa’s still a Corsa for all that!

  3. This type of lighting will be fitted to more vehicles soon!
    As of 2010, all new UK cars will have their headlights on all the time, by law.
    I fitted two daydrive lights to my old Renault 20 during the 1980’s.
    It really bugged Volvo drivers!

  4. hey where can i get this done? i have an octavia – yeah but i just love those audi leds. i dont care what others say.

  5. THAT

    anyway f u gonna use them after copying someone else…they better do some decent work like help u see better and not blind anyone like fog lamps…

    where these rednecks get the tv/internet from?

  6. ITS A CORSA FOR PETE SAKE, an economical little car…dont make it look like a NIGERIAN with reflectors and flags on a bicycle with gleeming white teeth…add a touch of class to the damn car….if youre looking for a sporty ride get a GOLF GTI or something and pimp it……..

    leave the little runabout looking plain…you can pimp this poor car to the max and it will still be regarded as a little corsa….


    Will this attract chicks or HIGHLIGHT that youre an idiot


  7. I agree.

    Unlike an R8, a Corsa doesn’t need LEDs to make it look cool. It already has retro chic 🙂

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