Big hugs all round with rssHugger

rssHuggerrssHugger is an interesting new website concept designed to bring likeminded bloggers and readers together, helping visitors to find blogs on subjects of interest.

For a tiny one-off payment of $20, you get a page on rssHugger for 10 years. If you write a post on your blog about rssHugger then it’s halved to $10 – for those in the UK, that’s only ?4.97! At that price you can’t afford to not be part of it.

I can’t help but feel the UK is lagging behind in it’s uptake of using rss feed. They’re a great way of organising all the news websites you visit into a single location and with browsers like Firefox, you can add an rss feed as a bookmark so you don’t even need to navigate away from your current page to view the headlines.

Hopefully rssHugger won’t stop at being just a directory of blogs and by signing up now it puts me in a good position for any new developments that might be in store. It’s only early days but this could so very easily be the next big thing in your Internet marketing toolbox.

About the developer

Collin LaHay isn’t shy about why he wants to get 50,000 blogs signed up to his new service – it’s purely financial. The guy’s got to pay his way through college and needs a bit of capital to invest into other ventures. Fair play!

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