New Dodo Juice hard waxes

Dodo Juice, the funkiest car wax company ever to put car care into a jar have come up trumps with their new range of hard waxes. What makes Dodo Juice so good is that they listen to their customers and when they asked for more colour-charged hard durable car wax, the guys at Dodo delivered.

Designed to compliment their existing Banana Armour hard wax, the new Blue Velvet, Hard Candy and Diamond White pick up where the soft waxes left off.

As the winter months are setting in, no-one really wants to be standing outside on a Sunday morning washing, polishing and waxing their car whilst listening to Vernon on Radio 1. Hard waxes give you the long lasting finish you need to be able to wash and dry the car, then be back indoors before the roast has even gone in the oven!

Colour charging is a new (to me anyway) concept of adding colour into the wax itself, not to stain the paintwork but to enhance it. That means regardless of whether you apply the pink Hard Candy or the Blue Velvet wax to your white or silver car, the results will be stunning.
But then, if you choose the wax more in keeping with your car’s colour the finish becomes astounding – lights are enhanced and become bright, darks become deep and glossy.

The Dodo Juice range is looking quite special at the moment and word has it they’re nowhere near finished with several new products planned for imminent launch!

Peterborough Bathrooms

Peterborough isn’t short of bathroom suppliers from the big national DIY stores (we’ve just had a massive new B&Q warehouse open) to the independent peterborough bathroom fitters that can source the really modern funky bathroom furniture.As luck would have it, I’m actually in the market for a new bathroom suite. The peach toilet and corner bath need replacing with something simple and neutral. I’d like a new sink too, preferably ceramic pedestal as the countertop one we have now is a bit too low.

So for bathrooms in Peterborough what are my options?

The shower is currently over the bath so we’ve not decided whether to relocate everything or just replace the suite where it is.

Anyone got any recommendations?

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Cakes in Hull

Let them eat cake!

A good friend of mine has recently started her own cake business in Hull, making that is (my business is eating them!) and it surprised me how much effort goes into making cakes for special occasions.

If you’re in the Hull or East Yorkshire area looking for wedding cakes, birthday cakes or even cakes for a corporate function, then give Cakes By Leni a call.

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The Banyan Tree Peterborough

It’s not often I’m truly ecstatic about a restaurant. There’s something about handing over a fistful of twenties when you’ve just stuffed a plate of rice and curry down your neck that just doesn’t make sense when every other show on TV is about making full use of your own kitchen.

So it’s with great surprise (to me at least) that I find myself recommending The Banyan Tree in Peterborough (Werrington). I visited the restaurant mid-week for a family birthday (mine!) and we had an absolutely fantastic time. Words really do not do this restaurant justice.

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Have-a-go Internet detectives do it again!

It seems the Internet is full of amateur wanna-be detectives these days and a bloody good job they’re doing of it too.

After being scammed buying a faulty car from ebay, one seller put out a plea to other users asking for help identifying the whereabouts of the rogue seller going by the username of “foxecho33” Continue reading “Have-a-go Internet detectives do it again!”

Mobile phone ban for the under-20’s

In what can only be fathomed as a desperate PR stunt, a UK insurance company has called for a ban on in-car mobile phone usage for the under 20’s.
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