Peterborough Roadworks

Peterborough is set to grind to a halt as motorists using the city’s roads find themselves caught up in chaotic tailbacks.

A1139 Fletton Parkway

For an unknown number of weeks, the busy A1139 Fletton Parkway (the main trunk road from the A47 to the A1(M)) will be reduced down to a single lane at the junctions of Serpentine Green and Orton Malbourne whilst the road is widened for a short section (which when completed, which just serve to cause traffic to speed up then pull in at the last minute).

In rush hour, motorists are already queuing for up to 5 miles in both directions, between Boongate and the A1(M). With speed cameras in place to force drivers down to 40mph at busy junctions, it won’t be long before accidents are caused by cautious motorists paying more attention to Gatso than traffic joining from the slip road.

Oundle Road

Another major road into Peterborough City Centre, Oundle Road is due to become a one-way street whilst EDF Energy open up the road yet again, forcing traffic down dangerous narrow side roads such as New Road.

No doubt traffic will also be using Palmerston Road and Mayors Walk as a rat run but it’s all ok – thankfully they have waited until the School holidays so to increase the chances of hitting children on bikes or crossing the road.

Impact to businesses that rely on passing trade is likely to be severe with protests from shopkeepers already well underway.


What’s that, a busy trunk road in Peterborough being dug up? Surely not!
We’ve got a few months to wait for this one, but when it does hit it’s no doubt going to be a nightmare in rush hour.

The A1073 Crowland Road is famous for helping the environment by culling motorists and their nasty polluting cars but thanks to work that will “eliminate the need for motorists to overtake”. No doubt this in fact means they will do their utmost to prevent motorists from overtaking, rather than negate the need to, so those that do overtake will just be doing so in a more reckless way. Fantastic.

For anyone planning on visiting Peterborough during the next year, or maybe just wanting to go past the city, I suggest you bring a packed lunch, flask and a sleeping bag.

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