Peterborough Roadworks claim first victim

As I predicted only last week, the roadworks in Peterborough along the A1139 Fletton Parkway have caused their first accident. Hunstanton resident Malcolm Page was travelling along the road towards Orton Southgate last Friday when a dust cart crushed the Volvo he was driving, trapping himself and his two dogs.

Roadworks are never good for motorists, but this current breed is littered with up to four dangerous Gatso speed cameras in each direction that cause drivers to initially slow down, then take their eyes off the road to check their speed and that they’ve not been caught by a camera.

Once “safely” past each camera, drivers then speed up to the next one before braking hard to avoid the tell-tale double flash of a speeding fine.
Meanwhile, traffic is joining the roadworks via slip roads which under normal circumstances are a death trap due to careless drivers and trains of HGV’s in the nearside carriageway.

And we’ve got this until April 2008!

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