FoxyTag for a safer Peterborough

It’s a simple concept – a virtual GPS tags signalled when close to a speed camera get stored on the FoxyTag database. Then, when closer than 15 seconds away, the display of your mobile device updates, showing you the location of the speed camera giving you enough advanced warning so that you stay informed and safe on the roads.

From the FoxyTag website

“You are also invited to signal speed cameras that have already been tagged; by confirming their presence, you create trust links with other users and get more reliable information. The system excludes automatically users that do not vote “like the others”. Roughly speaking, the more you participate, the more the information you get is reliable.

FoxyTag is a “collaborative” system. Tags posted by FoxyTag are directional. So, tags posted for users driving in the opposite direction won’t be signalized to you.

FoxyTag motivates neither speeding nor any other risky behavior, but allows the driver to concentrate on the road instead of having is eyes fixed on the speedometer, by fear of being flashed. We observe that drivers tend to brake suddenly when they see a speed camera (even if they are not speeding), which can provoke traffic jams or even accidents. FoxyTag signals in advance the presence of speed cameras, so that the driver has enough time to check its speed and adapt it if necessary.”

Given that Peterborough is grinding to a halt thanks to endless roadworks littered with speed cameras,? systems like FoxyTag can only be a good thing. I’ve already got myself a GPS receiver thanks to my DIY Satnav so I’ll be reporting on my FoxyTag findings shortly.

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