78 percent of immigrants head to Peterborough

As yet another report on migration statistics is published, how long can it be before the elected realise that small cities really cannot cope?

According to xPRESS, Peterborough has been allocated 78% of migrants in the East of England.
In 2001 there were an estimated 8,000 new arrivals in Peterborough. Many had limited English. The number posed a threat to social stability. It also placed pressure on public services and housing provision.
It’s now 2007 and we are seeing wave after wave of legitimate working migrants into Peterborough. In typical first-generation migrant fashion, houses are now multiple occupancy with two or more families sharing houses, leading to social problems with car parking on city streets, neighbour relations, etc.

Supermarkets now stock produce from migrant home countries and advertise in their home tongue. I’m sorry, but if you move to a country then you should be expected to learn the language. Maybe it’s being narrow minded and in fact the supermarkets are the clued up ones – if you’re unfamiliar with the culture, of course you’re going to shop where you can read the labels!

Maybe now is the time for a new business strategy! Instead of starting up yet another hand car wash, using immigrant population to serve the “locals”, focus your business on the immigrants themselves. Encourage them into restaurants, pubs and bars, shops, etc. Take their money – they worked for it, help them spend it!

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