Powertec Air Filters

The Powertec website is done! Now you’ve got no excuse for not trotting off to your local Carnoisseur or Motor World (other Powertec dealers are available) and handing over a fistful of fivers in return for a lovely shiny stainless steel mesh induction kit.

The difference between Powertec and other air filters out there is the stainless steel mesh each Powertec uses. Air passing through has hardly any restriction so doesn’t lose any of it’s velocity. That means you get fast air and lots of it. More air = more power, plus the metal mesh resonates to guarantee you turn heads when giving it some beans.

Sounds good?

I had the pleasure of hearing a Powertec SL1 induction kit fitted to a Vectra 3.2 V6 GSi and my god it sounded amazing. You’d be forgiven for thinking some kind of high-revving V10 exotica was screaming past you, only to see a great big Vauxhall where there should be a sleek Italian supercar.

Powertec SL1 induction kitThe Powertec air filters fit just about everything from Alfa Romeo through to Volvo and universal kits cater for anything else.
No longer do you need to bodge on a shitty fake Tesco value filter with a handful of zip ties, some gaffer tape and some B&Q tumble drier hose – do yourself and your car a favour, Powertec’s come with full fitting kits so you know what’s in the box is DESIGNED for your car.

The Range…

There’s a few different types of kit in the Powertec range, starting off with the original Powertec, the SL1.

Next up is the SL1x, measuring in at an eye-watering 200mm diameter. Huge is not the word for this beast of a filter and best of all, they even do one for the Vauxhall Corsa! Martin Hadland has one fitted to the famous Reyland Escort – after all, what other filter is capable of filtering 1000bhp of air without restriction!

Last but most certainly not least is the SL1000. These kits are reserved for something special and include some of the best looking intake components we’ve ever seen. Polished alloy air intake pipework and powder coated heat shields make for one impressive air filter.

Enough reading, all that’s left for you to do now is buy one.


Pieces of Rainbow

Uttered by veritable cult comedians Noel Fielding (of Mighty Boosh fame) and Russell Brand (of sexy time fame), “Pieces of broken rainbow” is one of those phrases that doesn’t mean a thing but can be interpreted in many different ways.

I’d like to see pieces of broken rainbow become the ultimate put-down, replacing “your mum” as king of the playground cusses where saying it to the face of bigger kids will see seven shades knocked out of you.

Then in an completely different sense, you could be making a get well soon card for your Nan who’s in hospital recovering from a hip op and “Pieces of Rainbow” could be written with a glue pen and covered with multi coloured glitter.


Take it to the bridge

No rolling roads, no slick air strips, no bullshit.

Long-term readers of Emap’s automotive publications will no doubt be familiar with their “to the bridge” test for measuring a car’s worthiness in a real-world situation. Well the bridge only bloody has it’s own website now!

Obviously the exact location of the bridge is a closely guarded secret according to the first rule of To The Bridge Club…

If you’ve taken it to the bridge then get onto the forum and share your story. http://www.tothebridge.org.uk/

Why the 9 to 5 Office Worker Will Become a Thing of the Past

The Natural Productivity Cycle

In your personal life, when attending to business or working on side projects, how often do you spend 8 consecutive hours in front of a computer? It doesn?t make sense because we lose the ability to concentrate effectively within a few hours.

Personally, I find myself most productive from mid-afternoon and often into the early hours of the morning. 8am-2pm is pretty much a low time for me.

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Content Management Systems – 10 Days Without Website Control

Does the CMS spell the end for web designers/developers/content editors? I don’t think so but this article might make you think otherwise

Not all clients that are savvy with how t’internet works and letting them loose with a CMS is a dangerous thing. Image formats, editing, fonts, layout guidelines – all this can go to pot once Dave in accounts starts playing with the website because he once went on a course to “do web pages”.

Sometimes you get lucky and the client understands how information needs to be stored in the DB and you can get away without using a CMS. By arming them with an FTP client and myPhpAdmin they can make minor changes to existing pages without incurring your extortionate hourly rates.

A CMS does have it’s place but it should be in the hands of the web designer, not the client. The CMS should only be operated by users with sufficient experience with web best practices – this doesn’t have to be an external company, in house training should suffice.

Anyone for a CMS?

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VAGweb – for enthusiasts of everything VW, Audi, Skoda and Seat

It seems everyone and their Nan has a forum these days so it’s rare for one to become as popular as VAGweb in such a short space of time.

What more could enthusiasts of the VAG (Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Seat, et al) scene want but a friendly meeting place where they can swap ideas, get technical help and enjoy a bit of friendly banter.

If the Cheers bar was a forum, I think it would be something like VAGweb – it’s got the bartender with a funny shaped head, a grumpy Scot at one end of the bar like Dr Crane and some fat bloke at the other end. All it needs is a bit of Kirsty Alley in her younger years and it’s got it made!

So what has made VAGweb so popular? The success could be down to a few things:

  • The alternatives are a bit too dry with Nazi-like moderators
  • The site as a hobby instead of charging a membership for premium services
  • Other sites are *too* niche and need to cover a broader range of topics
  • Other sites are based on stale forum software with admin unable/unwilling to commit any redevelopment time

So maybe VAGweb isn’t that good after all, it’s just the competition that are slacking. The true test of a forums worth is if it’s still around in a couple of years, so only time will tell.
Watch this space!

Brisk RS 01 WRC: Prodrive Developed Skoda Fabia Coupe With A 500Hp 2.0TFSI

Based on a first generation Fabia, the RS 01 WRC gets a coupe-style body that actually doesn?t look half-bad and a tuned 2.0TFSI engine, producing 500Hp @ 7.800 rpm and 600Nm @ 3.700 rpm.
All we need is this engine to find it’s way into the road cars to really put Skoda on the map for hot hatches!

Sceptics would say that Audi/VW would never allow this as it would affect sales of their cars, but in reality, people that buy Audi and VW would never consider lowering their standards to buying a car with a Skoda badge. This just leaves Skoda enthusiasts and Skoda converts – exactly the market Skoda would want to sell to.

The 500bhp engine’s never going to be seen in a road car, so keep it at it’s standard (and still healthy) output of 170bhp. This leaves enough room for tuners to play with the engine, which makes it more attractive to buyers plus it gets Skoda UK out of paying for warranty claims.
Price the car up to compete with the VXR / ST / Renaultsport and you’re going to make a lot of happy Skoda customers. Ok so the Octavia vRS already exists with this engine at this price level, but what’s the danger in selling the Fabia vRS at this price too? If customers want a larger sensible car, they’ll get the Octavia, if they want to sacrifice comfort for a pocket rocket then they’ll get the Fabia. Either way, Skoda get the sale.

Go on Skoda – you know it makes sense!!

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