Wikifest – Isle of Wight FAQ

I’ve been on the Isle of Wight festival forum for about a year now and this year is no different to last, hundreds of questions that have all be asked and answered before… so I thought I’d have a go at trying to bring some order to the chaos.

Wikifest, a basic wiki (powered by Wikki Wakka Wiki) with no customisation from me other than a 30 second “web 2.0” logo 😛

This is my first real foray into creating/editing wiki content (previously I’ve had a play with entries on wikipedia).

Welcome blah blah..

Ooh get me, my own blog…

I decided that in the interest of SEO my Myspace (and more recently blogs just don’t cut the mustard, not to mention the hassle of cross-posting.

About me:

I’m a web developer (full time and also freelance) from Peterborough, UK. I tend to work closely with the automotive aftermarket industry (manufacturers, distributors and retailers) but take on work from other industries too (charities, Intranets).

Outside of the code I’m partial to a bit of comedy (watching, not performing) and the usual CV-inspired guff of reading, music, etc.

If you’ve stumbled on this blog from Google, you might want to visit my homepage or then again, you might not.