Peterborough ET in traffic jam EXCLUSIVE!

Talk about stating the obvious! Didn’t anyone else realise that simultaneous roadworks on over half of Peterborough’s main trunk roads would cause congestion? This has been happening for weeks!

Best thing is where traffic diverted onto London Road then get caught in roadworks on London Road – top marks to whoever dreamed up that diversion!

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New Look Scorpion Exhausts Direct website

The Scorpion Direct exhausts website has had a bit of a rejig.  The news page is now powered by the WordPress blog system and should be a great foundation for keeping the website up to date with the latest in performance exhaust news.

Scorpion Exhausts 

Now fans of Scorpion Exhausts have no excuse for not keeping up to date on the latest stainless steel systems for their cars, news on what the Scorpion R&D dept is up to and just generally everything Scorpion!

Bumbling Peterborough Police treat armed robbery as false alarm

When staff at Peterborough’s Solstice bar raised the alarm during a recent armed robbery, Police attending the scene decided it was just a false alarm after finding no evidence of a break in after attending the scene.

To make matters worse, the alarm company ignored subsequent alarms and failed to contact the nominated keyholder to advise of the situation. Not that the key holder would have been able to respond of course, they were held up inside the building and locked in an office whilst robbers helped themselves to takings.

And the cherry on the icing – an automated letter from Thorpe Wood Police Station was sent soon after explaining how false alarms are a waste of Police time!

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Web Design Peterborough

Most companies, when looking to outsource website design or development, start in their local area, typically with a Google search tagging on their town/county at the end of a keyword list such as:

…you get the idea.

A lot of the search results for “web design peterborough” are for directories that with a bit of clever URL and keyword work, consistently placing in the first two pages. This makes it difficult for reputable Peterborough-based Web Design agencies and those further afield within Cambridgeshire to get themselves noticed.

For such agencies, it is important to build awareness to their online presence using as many means as possible, such as registering domain names such as Web Design Peterborough or incorporating Peterborough into their URL.

Microsoft cuts Xbox 360 prices

The Xbox 360 Elite is on it’s way people – news of Microsoft’s price cuts mean a lot of happy gamers!

I’m holding out on buying a 360 until Halo3’s released, so hopefully we’ll be seeing plenty of bundles and deals taking advantage of the new lower prices.
I wonder if the revised heatsink models have started to reach stores yet…?

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Facebook starting to smell like Myspace writer James Rivington posted the following article about Facebook and how it’s not as good as it used to be… and how it’s adopting more and more of the aspects which make MySpace so infuriating.

“Facebook accounts will be abandoned in their millions, just like what is happening with MySpace,” it says. “You might as well just blend the two sites together and call it MybookSpaceFace.”

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