Ask, Peterborough micro review

It’s hardly even worth calling this a review; I’m only blogging about Ask because it deserves more than a 140 character twitter and this was my first encounter with an Ask restaurant.

Ok, so Ask is a chain of Italian restaurants selling pizza and pasta.  More upmarket than a Pizza Hut and about the same as a Pizza Express, that much you (probably) know.

What makes my experience of Ask in Peterborough so worthy of a blog post is that the manager actually seemed interested in his customers experiences of the restaurant.  The service was personal but not to the extent of it being creepy and the restaurant building itself is fantastic, being in one of Peterborough’s oldest buildings.  Read More…

Wheelie happy over Peterborough’s Town Bridge

townbridgeI can’t believe it.

After months of warnings being issued by the Police that cycling on pavements is bad m’kay, Peterborough council have gone and quietly painted a white line smack in the middle of the pavement across the Town Bridge.  As everyone knows, the white line creates an invisible shield between dangerous cyclists and vunerable pedestrians.

It’s not a perfect solution however as the pavement markings disappear at the North side of the bridge.  Why this side is so dangerous I’m not sure, can anyone suggest a reason?

Read More…

Wedding stationery craft supplies

I’m due to get married next year and as a consequence the house is scattered with wedding magazines full of ideas and inspiration on colour schemes and designs for just about every aspect of the wedding.

To make the day as individual (and save as much money) as possible we’ve thought about making our own wedding stationery – invitations, place settings and so on, so have trawled the web for DIY handmade wedding stationery packs that we can glean ideas from.

We’ll then take a trip over to the new Pondskipper Crafts shop in Peterborough, armed with this crafty know-how and pretty much fill our boots with enough craft supplies to get any ex-Blue Peter presenter into a sweat.

If anyone’s got any tips for wedding stationery, please let me know!

Review of Jim’s Bistro, Peterborough

Finally the much anticipated visit to Jim’s Bistro has happened and in a word, wow! I urge every restaurateur in the area to try out Jim’s and see where you’re going wrong.

As you enter the cosy (ok, small) restaurant you immediately become aware of the lively ambience this place has.  We were all shown to our table  (we’d booked in advance as there was a large group of us) by Kerry and were all soon ordering drinks and browsing the menu.  My only gripe at this point is that the specials menu is written on a mirror which was immediately behind me, making it difficult to read without standing up and walking a couple of feet away, which I did.  No bother really. Read More…

Nokia N95 – The (old) new iPhone killer

Up until last week, my N95 was just “the phone I had”.  It was good at some things, average at others.  Then something happened that made me rethink my opinion on the N95… could it have been an iPhone killer all this time, right here under my nose?  This is my story.

Early last year I was on the hunt for a new mobile phone, writing this and that whilst deliberating which handset ticked all (or most) of my boxes. Read More…

Edoya renamed to Misaki

I’ve been meaning to make a quick blog post about this for a while now, but it slipped my mind.

For whatever reason, Edoya (Peterborough’s damn fine Japanese sushi and noodle bar) has been renamed to “Misaki”.  The staff are the same, the menu’s the same (i.e. bloody fantastic) and well, it’s the same.  Just a different name.

So if you’re struggling to find Edoya, or wonder if Misaki is the same place, then now you know!

Rinaldo puts Broadway Theatre up for sale

Considering tomorrow’s date, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was all some April Fool’s practical joke but in reality I don’t think you could make it up.

Today’s Evening Telegraph has reported that Rinaldo Fasulo, the owner of the now closed Broadway Theatre has put the building up for sale to the tune of nearly £4 million. This is the same Rinaldo that has just put his company (03 Leisure Ltd) that was running the Broadway, into administration leaving over half a million pounds in outstanding debts.

an absolute kick in the teeth for every single creditor

Thankfully for Rinaldo though, he had the foresight to ensure that a separate company (Prima Investments) owned the building itself allowing him to sell it on after an arson attack.

This is an absolute kick in the teeth for every single creditor and will surely put a dark cloud over his restaurant Sessions House on Thorpe Road (which I believe is run by another one of his companies, Prima Restaurants Ltd). For me, it’s a shame that Rinaldo hasn’t made any public statement with a view to repaying back some of his customers who support his businesses.

The article in the ET originally allowed comments to be posted but they have since been removed so I can only guess that public outrage got a bit heated.

Jim’s Bistro, Peterborough

A friend gave me a tip off that a new restaurant had opened in Peterborough going by the name of Jim’s Bistro, apparently serving up (as the name would suggest) modern British bistro cuisine.

Situated at 52 Broadway in what used to be Avellinos (just down from the recently closed Broadway Theatre), Jim’s Bistro is the sister restaurant to Stamford’s Jim’s Yard.  I’ve yet to sample either restaurant, but with Jim’s Yard being awarded a Michelin Bib Gourmand award I’m hoping for great things from the Peterborough restaurant. Read More…

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