GTA IV Review

After what seems like forever, quite possibly the multi-format game of the year is here!

The hugely anticipated, new instalment in the ground-breaking Grand Theft Auto series has landed and is going to be the game to tear gamers away from Call of Duty 4.

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XFPS Sniper – Xbox 360 keyboard and mouse adapter

I grew up in a time when if you wanted a car racing or a beat-em up game you’d sit yourself in front of the TV and turn on the Megadrive or Super Nintendo. If flight simulators or first person shooters (FPS) were your thing, then you’d need a PC with the freedom of movement offered by a mouse and the array of buttons you can only get with a keyboard.

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Accordion squeezes out Guitar Hero

In a case of ultimate game parodies, “Schadenfreude Interactive” have taken the whole musician-video game concept to another level with their latest title: Accordion Hero.

As far fetched as it sounds, with the current breed of musical games, you can bet that someone out there is considering turning it into a saleable product.

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A Halo movie would be horribly wrong

Gamers Lore have reported that a Halo movie may still be on the cards… I didn’t even realise there was one ever in discussion!

I don’t know why it didn’t cross my mind a long time ago. Maybe it did but I just blocked it out of my grey matter because I really don’t think a Halo movie would do the franchise justice. This is one of those times when I really should do a bit of digging on the subject to see what else has been said but I’ll ramble on all the same.

Halo works well as a computer / video game. The artists are shit hot and visuals in Halo 3 are stunning from the sprite models through to the epic backdrops. A Hollywood live action film would just be embarrassing, conjuring up visions of some kind of Guyver style production.

The Halo world is too big and established for a director to rework into a movie. Games into films is a stupid business.

Instead (and I want ROYALTIES from this idea) I propose a fully CGI’d Halo experience. That way the Master Chief and the Covenant can be as unreal as Bungie intended.

Now where’s my cheque Hollywood?

Finished the fight

Well it wasn’t all I was hoping for.

There I was frantically battling my way through hordes of gunfire on my single player campaign, racking up Xbox gamerpoints as I went, thinking that it was all going to be worth it when I finished the final level and I’d be rewarded with 3x the points for finishing it on the Legendary setting.

But it only gave me “normal” points. Bugger.

In case you’ve been living under a rock or the Xbox really isn’t your thing (or maybe you were one of the half a dozen people that bought a PS3) then I’m talking about Halo 3. I waited years for this bloody thing to be released, putting off my 360 purchase until after launch.

The wait was worth it. The game is very, very good both in single player (campaign) with a great storyline and online multiplayer where you can listen to idiotic American kids screaming at each other, exchanging torrents of “no YOU’RE gay”.

One good thing has come out of finishing Halo 3 – I get to have an early night!? At least until Call of Duty 4 is out 🙂

Xbox 65nm Falcon chipset hits the streets

Rumours are floating around the official Xbox forums that the 65nm chipset for the Xbox (codenamed Falcon) is real and it’s now being installed into the latest Xbox 360 hardware.

Unfortunately the only way to check is to up end the console and shine a torch through the air vent. If you have a copper pipe across the heatsink then it’s unhappy faces all round as you’ve got the old chipset. However, if there’s not a hint of copper in sight, you’re got yourself an Xbox with Falcon-inside (TM).

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I suppose it had to happen. After months of waiting in anticipation, the ending of Halo 3 has been leaked 7 days and 13 hours (at the time of writing this) before the game is released.

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