Renting a car in America in 2010

When it comes to driving in America, choosing the right car is half of the fun. When you’ve got endless miles sat with the cruise control jammed into “on” you need to make sure you’re in a happy place so choosing the right car is essential.
Even with the price of fuel being so much cheaper in the US, I’ll be ignoring the thirsty supercars in favour of something slightly sensible.

So looking ahead to what the car industry has to offer in 2010 I’ve found there’s quite a few models that tick the right boxes.

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Wheelie happy over Peterborough’s Town Bridge

townbridgeI can’t believe it.

After months of warnings being issued by the Police that cycling on pavements is bad m’kay, Peterborough council have gone and quietly painted a white line smack in the middle of the pavement across the Town Bridge. As everyone knows, the white line creates an invisible shield between dangerous cyclists and vunerable pedestrians.

It’s not a perfect solution however as the pavement markings disappear at the North side of the bridge. Why this side is so dangerous I’m not sure, can anyone suggest a reason?

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Find a hotel deal with Hotelsespanol

Launched at the start of the year, Hotelsespanol is a Spanish website that gets you some of the best prices I’ve seen for last minute hotels in Spain.

After looking for various last minute breaks to some of Spain’s liveliest cities, I decided on a small shortlist of Barcelona hoteles and Madrid hoteles:

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Steven Fry in America

If like me, you’re hooked on watching Steven Fry’s travels across the USA in his London Taxi then you’ll no doubt be itching to visit some of the destinations on his journey.

Unlike Steven though, I’ll settle for a hotel rather than some good ol’ gin-u-wine American hospitality so finding a great hotel is essential. Thankfully it’s the Internet to the rescue with fantastic websites like Cheaperthanhotels, with last minute deals and discounts for pre booked rooms. This is how the smart traveller books rooms and prices are often cheaper than what native Americans are paying!

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Sky TV installation in Spain

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of being stuck in a Spanish hotel or villa with nothing to watch on TV except local (Spanish) channels, MTV and if you’re lucky CNN, then your prayers have been answered.

I knew you could get satellite TV pretty much anywhere in the world, but Sky TV with Sky+ is the trump card. Now you can pause and rewind live television, easily set up all your favourite programmes on series record and generally have a better life!

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I want to ride my bicycle

Seeing as the weather in Peterborough is apparently so good at the moment, I felt a well deserved blast on the bike was in order to get some fresh air, have a ponder over a few thoughts in my head and get attacked by what felt like hundreds thousands of airborne insects.

I’ve been out and about on two wheels a fair bit over the past few weeks but haven’t really ventured beyond the city limits and considering I keep seeing all these cycle network posts (hinting that there is some kind of bike path mecca awaiting me if I just went a little further), I thought now was the time to investigate.

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Cooking burgers can be exhausting

I bet you love what I did there.

You may have guessed from the title of this post that it’s something to do with cooking burgers and exhausts and you wouldn’t be far wrong. In fact, you’d be absolutely right.

Some clever Iranians have spotted a gap in the cookware market and have designed a device to cook a burger from the heat of a vehicle’s exhaust. Spotting a gap in a market dominated by the likes of George Foreman and Jamie Oliver, the team have produced what looks like a cross between a frying pan and a lean-and-mean grilling machine.

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