The Banyan Tree (Westgate) in Peterborough

I’ve been a fan of the Banyan Tree’s approach to Indian cuisine for a couple of years, after eating at their other restaurant in Werrington so when they opened a city centre restaurant much closer to home I was pleased to say the least. Continue reading “The Banyan Tree (Westgate) in Peterborough”

Antonino’s Pizza House in Yaxley

I’ve ordered a pizza delivery from Antonino’s a couple of times and apart from a few teething problems, would say their pizzas are some of the best in the Peterborough area.

Our first order was delayed because the driver was given the wrong address. Mistakes happen and they apologised, but it would have been nice for Antonino’s to have compensated us somehow.
Then to make matters worse, the pizza wasn’t cut into slices – hardly cause for concern as my parents taught me basic knife and fork skills as a child, but I can’t remember the last takeaway/delivery pizzeria that didn’t pre-slice their pizza. Those niggles aside, the pizza tasted good. Continue reading “Antonino’s Pizza House in Yaxley”

Qype: Peppes Pizza in Bergen

Great pizzas with an accessible menu for a UK tourist. Pizzas were much more expensive than I’m used to (no doubt due to general prices in Norway) but were also larger so it didn’t seem too bad.

Staff very friendly, pizzas were good, not much else to say! If you’re looking for a pizza in Bergen,

Peppes probably isn’t a very exciting chain to Norwegians, but for a safe, reliable tourist meal it suited us very well.

Check out my review of Peppes Pizza – I am Joff – on Qype