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Review revisited: Jim’s Bistro, Peterborough

We hadn’t been to Jim’s Bistro for a while, nearly 18 months since my last visit so we thought a return visit was well overdue.  It’s always interesting coming back to a restaurants as there’s the question if they’ll live up to the memory – or if they’ve improved on any previous failings.

So with a table booked, we ventured into Peterborough City Centre.  Obviously I didn’t get the memo because we were the only ones out, at 8pm on an Autumn Friday night.  A couple of years ago you would at least see a few revellers out for a night on the town but looks like things have changed. Continue reading

Review: The Queen’s Head, Nassington

photo 3 The Queen’s Head in Nassington is a cozy pub-restaurant just outside of Peterborough but with a lovely rustic interior and the river running by the garden, it’s a lovely setting whatever the weather has in store.

For starters we ordered the warm oriental crispy duck salad with noodles, chilli, garlic and coriander dressing and also the chicken liver pate layered with smoked chicken served with an apple and vanilla chutney, toast and picalilli. Both starters were a reasonable £4.25 each, the duck was light, appetising and had a great taste. The pate was excellent, so much in fact that I ate some on it’s own without any toasted bread. Continue reading

The best burger in Peterborough?

The humble burger has been a subject of discussion for some in Peterborough for a few years, namely due to a particular burger van in the city’s Cathedral Square. That got me thinking about where I would go for a real gourmet burger – one that isn’t served with a waxy napkin and is more likely to contain a slice of beef tomato than a mound of fried onions.

The demand for burgers in Peterborough is obvious to see – there are eight McDonalds restaurants in and around the city limits, plus numerous other chains and takeaways offering pretty much the same. Other towns and cities have attracted the likes of Gourmet Burger Kitchen or Ultimate Burger, so where can you go in Peterborough to get a better burger?

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Review: The Beehive, Peterborough

Read my updated post on the Beehive in Peterborough!

The all-new Beehive pub in Peterborough opened it’s doors on Monday (my invite must have got lost in the post…) so I popped along for a spot of lunch and a nose around to see what new owners James and Sharon Trevor have done with the place.  For those of you that don’t know, they also own Jim’s Yard in Stamford and Jim’s Bistro in Peterborough (one of the best city centre restaurants in my opinion).

I’m going to go out on a limb and call The Beehive a bar – I don’t think it’s either a restaurant or a pub.  The impression I got is that it’s aimed more at wine and champagne than beers and lagers.  That’s not to say it only sells wine though, there are beers and lagers on tap!  As Peterborough already has some top notch cask ale pubs I think it’s wise not to compete with those, but is there demand for a wine bar?

So, on with the review…

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Great Northern Hotel – use it or lose it!

The Great Northern hotel in Peterborough – often the first sight visitors disembarking from the train see when they come through the station.  Now it seems the owners are struggling to get punters through the doors, suggesting that Peterborough residents should be using the hotel and it’s facilities more.

I’ve commented on an article in today’s Peterborough ET but their website loses all the formatting so I thought I would regurgitate it as a post on here.

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Chiquito in Hampton, Peterborough

Update – Chiquito has now opened in Peterborough! Click here to read my review

Rumour has it that the Chiquitos chain of Mexican restaurants is looking to open a restaurant in Peterborough – in Hampton!

According to the report, Chiquitos along with another “The Restaurant Group” brand Frankie and Benny’s (there’s already one at Boongate and a Little Frankie’s in Westgate) will be moving into buildings on the Pavillion West development (?).

Does anyone know where that’s supposed to be?

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The worst road in the UK?

I’ll admit that the title of this post is intentionally vague.  “Worst road” could mean many things, accidents, nuisance neighbours and crime to traffic or even potholes.  But tonight Matthew, I’ll be talking about flytipping.

I’m sure other towns and cities across the UK have problem areas (or grot-spots as some like to call them) where flytipping is rife, but spare a thought for those living at the Paston Ridings traveller’s site where you could be forgiven for mistaking the 1km road leading up to their front doors as a landfill site.

Watch this video on YouTube to witness it for yourself Continue reading