Carluccios Peterborough announces opening date

After over a year in the planning, Peterborough’s hottest new Italian restaurant Carluccios is set to open it’s doors on January 31st.  UPDATE Carluccios opens to the public on February 6th – the January date is a soft launch for staff training!

Where some other chain restaurants prefer out of town retail parks, Carluccios seems to prefer the city centre locations which is good for Peterborough as our city centre has been flat on it’s backside for a couple of years.  Any new restaurant will put increasing pressure on existing restaurants, especially the independents like Riva and The Pizza House with 2012 seeing Topo Gigio on Cowgate pretty much close it’s doors (apparently it’s still open for private hire). Coincidentally, the new Carluccios restaurant is in what had previously been Topo Gigios and then a tea room.

My hope is that it the opening of Carluccios in Peterborough will encourage the independents to go above and beyond what the chains can normally offer by providing a more personal and intimate service, introducing seasonal menus using local ingredients.



Clarkes rated top restaurant in Peterborough

You can almost hear the Champagne corks popping along Lincoln Road as fine dining restaurant Clarkes finds their way into the 2013 edition of the Michelin Guide, picking up a very respectable 3 forks and spoons “Very comfortable restaurant” rating for their efforts.

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Review: Salamis Greek Taverna, Peterborough

Take him away from the Greek!

By Anna Ruggiero

Now, I’m not given to writing negative reviews, mainly because normally the main revenue of a publication is advertising and we all know the importance of keeping them sickly sweet, however, on this occasion, I am freely allowed to express my utter distaste for a certain eatery in town. Continue reading Review: Salamis Greek Taverna, Peterborough

Clarkes restaurant under new management

Hot off the press is news that Clarkes (which mysteriously closed for a few days last week) is now open under new management!  Lee Clarke is still head chef, creating some stunning dishes and pushing the boundaries of fine dining in Peterborough but the new management brings Clarkes under the wing of The Banyan Tree, arguably Peterborough’s top Indian restaurant.

The North St Bar above Clarkes is under separate management and is also still open and I wish both businesses all the best for the future.


Auntie Anne’s Pretzels comes to Peterborough

In a twitter-scoop by local journalism student Cameron Todd (@cameronEtodd), I’ve learned that pretzel chain Auntie Anne’s is coming to Peterborough, opening a franchise store in Queensgate.

I have to admit, I’d never heard of Auntie Anne’s before and my only experience of a pretzel is those tiny, salty, hard baked awful snacks you get passed around at Christmas time.  Well Auntie Anne’s is nothing like that (thankfully). If you still have no idea what a pretzel is Continue reading Auntie Anne’s Pretzels comes to Peterborough

Peterborough jobs market looking healthy

Though the last twelve months have been particularly tough in pretty much every sector, the arrival of spring does seem to have brought with it a more optimistic outlook amongst economists. Whereas companies throughout the UK had adopted a policy of battening down the hatches in the closing months of 2011, the jobs market would appear to be turning a corner and there is hope that 2012 might not see the UK economy heading for a double dip recession as was previously feared. Continue reading Peterborough jobs market looking healthy

The Apple Cart pub, Cardea, Stanground South

This review has been sat in my drafts folder for a while and it was only when the Evening Telegraph’s JPBaker mentioned he’d paid the Apple Cart a visit that I thought I should add my opinion into the mix.

To cut a long story short, I found the food at The Apple Cart pretty average (more on that below) but as the pub is brand new (albeit a chain pub operated by an established name in the hospitality industry) I decided to give it another try – three tries in total to be exact.

Since I originally penned (and drafted) this review I’ve also received a few comments from friends that have since eaten there.  Going on their feedback, they also didn’t think much to the food but here are my thoughts… Continue reading The Apple Cart pub, Cardea, Stanground South

Finding the best steak restaurant in Peterborough

This blog post comes with a meat warning.  Not suitable for Vegetarians!

Lets face it, ordering a steak in a restaurant can sometimes seem a bit of a cop-out.  You’ve gone over the menu three times and there’s nothing you really want, so with a sigh you choose the steak and as soon as the waitress brings you a razor-sharp serrated steak knife, you know the meat is going to be as tough as old boots.  I’m a fan of great steak, but it’s very rarely I’ll order it from a restaurant because I can pretty much guarantee it will disappoint.

So why is it so difficult to get a good steak in Peterborough?  Is there a local restaurant worthy of being called a steakhouse?

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