Peterborough Park and Ride

Only an absolute fool would attempt to drive into Peterborough for Christmas shopping in the weeks running up to the big day (less than 9 weeks to go by the way…), which is why it’s great that for another year Peterborough City Council’s Travelchoice have announced that from November 1st to December 27th a free Park and Ride service will be in operation.

Now you can leave your car in a secure car park on the outskirts of the city and sit back whilst someone else does the driving for you!  As the roadworks around Peterborough are horrendous yet again, using the Park and Ride bus service makes more sense than ever!

Saturday services will be run from the Diligenta (what used to be Pearl) car park, in Lynch Wood, and from outside Perkins car park, in Oxney Road (near Sainsburys), to Queensgate Shopping Centre. The Oxney Road service also stops at Midgate.

Also, from November 30th until December 21st, an additional Sunday service will be in operation.

For further details about this year’s park and ride, call 01733 747474 or visit

Fox and Hounds, Longthorpe, Peterborough

The Fox and Hounds is a popular, lively pub in the area of Longthorpe in Peterborough, one of the old “townships” in the City and serves a fairly decent food menu along with usual drinks.

When I was recently sent a link to the Fox and Hounds website, I imagined the site to be a fairly traditional effort, giving the contact and location details of the pub, maybe a few sample menus and photos of the building or interior.  After all it’s a busy place so you’d expect them to have at least a basic site in place…

…how wrong I was!

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Limon Cafe Peterborough Closes

According to tonight’s Evening Telegraph, the popular Limon cafe on Peterborough’s Bridge St has closed it’s doors due to a visit from the bailiffs over an unpaid Council Tax bill of £85,000!

The cafe has been nominated as one of the region’s Food Heroes on the UKTV Food campaign so it will be a shame to see it go – their breakfasts were always a treat, if a little pricey.

Read the full ET news story

Peterborough Nene Parkway Chaos

Ah, the joys of roadworks in Peterborough.

Just when motorists breathe a sigh of relief as the Fletton parkway FINALLY comes to an end, another load of works start up a bit further down the road.

You just have to laugh really, there’s nothing else to do whilst sitting in queuing traffic.  Maybe the council could organise a troupe of roadside entertainers for us all to watch?  Oh hang on, they’ve done that – you can see them wearing their high-vis jackets and standing around getting a tan.

I want to ride my bicycle

Seeing as the weather in Peterborough is apparently so good at the moment, I felt a well deserved blast on the bike was in order to get some fresh air, have a ponder over a few thoughts in my head and get attacked by what felt like hundreds thousands of airborne insects.

I’ve been out and about on two wheels a fair bit over the past few weeks but haven’t really ventured beyond the city limits and considering I keep seeing all these cycle network posts (hinting that there is some kind of bike path mecca awaiting me if I just went a little further), I thought now was the time to investigate.

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The week that was

The first week of July’s been a little hectic and has seen the launch of the new Remus UK website for performance exhausts, the purchase of a new car (dapper Focus Zetec in a grey colour – probably called Sunset Blue or something by Ford’s fartarse design department) and the discovery of a new (well new to me) Indian takeaway in Peterborough.

Oh yes, curry is that important to me I feel I need to put it in writing! The establishment in question is the Donner & Balti Express, but don’t be put off by it’s dubious name, this is in fact an award winning curry house! Chef Mohammed Abdul Hakim has been awarded Peterborough Curry Chef of the year for three years in a row.

I’ve also discovered this week that Moo have finally added business cards to their already fantastic range of moo minicards, stickers, greetings cards and postcards.  Arriving in a pretty-much-standard 84x55mm, you get to choose from a couple of paper options and can upload images and designs to make the cards stand out. What makes Moo even more appealing is that you can have a number of different designs printed in the same batch, giving you an assortment of different cards!

If you’ve had your head in the sand for the past few years then you won’t have seen Moo cards before, almost like cigarette cards of old, these are often used by aspiring designer types as a cheap by eye catching business card alternative.  But now they’re an alternative no longer.

Who knows what delights next week will bring!!

No town centre fun for Peterborough

The results of the Peterborough ET’s recent night life survey is in and the results aren’t that surprising when it sometimes feels that the only people that are vocal with their opinions are those that don’t really have anything good to say about Peterborough.

With only 12% of those surveyed rating Peterborough as “Good” or “Excellent” for a night out you’d think most city residents would be on anti-depressants by now. However, on a closer looking at the survey results it seems that only 21% never enjoy a night out in Peterborough – that’s 79% of people surveyed enjoying a night out at some point.

So how are the 79% enjoying their night out if 88% (59% rating poor and 29% rating average) are generally unhappy with the experience?

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Happy Birthday

It seems only yesterday when I first stumbled on the community website and forums, sitting in my shared student house in Oxford, most probably eating a chicken kebab from the nearby Oxford Kebab House (in Headington if you were wondering) with a couple of spoons of their home made chilli sauce…

Sorry, got a bit carried away there.  Right,

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