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I want to ride my bicycle

Seeing as the weather in Peterborough is apparently so good at the moment, I felt a well deserved blast on the bike was in order to get some fresh air, have a ponder over a few thoughts in my head and get attacked by what felt like hundreds thousands of airborne insects.

I’ve been out and about on two wheels a fair bit over the past few weeks but haven’t really ventured beyond the city limits and considering I keep seeing all these cycle network posts (hinting that there is some kind of bike path mecca awaiting me if I just went a little further), I thought now was the time to investigate.

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The week that was

The first week of July’s been a little hectic and has seen the launch of the new Remus UK website for performance exhausts, the purchase of a new car (dapper Focus Zetec in a grey colour – probably called Sunset Blue or something by Ford’s fartarse design department) and the discovery of a new (well new to me) Indian takeaway in Peterborough.

Oh yes, curry is that important to me I feel I need to put it in writing! The establishment in question is the Donner & Balti Express, but don’t be put off by it’s dubious name, this is in fact an award winning curry house! Chef Mohammed Abdul Hakim has been awarded Peterborough Curry Chef of the year for three years in a row.

I’ve also discovered this week that Moo have finally added business cards to their already fantastic range of moo minicards, stickers, greetings cards and postcards.  Arriving in a pretty-much-standard 84x55mm, you get to choose from a couple of paper options and can upload images and designs to make the cards stand out. What makes Moo even more appealing is that you can have a number of different designs printed in the same batch, giving you an assortment of different cards!

If you’ve had your head in the sand for the past few years then you won’t have seen Moo cards before, almost like cigarette cards of old, these are often used by aspiring designer types as a cheap by eye catching business card alternative.  But now they’re an alternative no longer.

Who knows what delights next week will bring!!

No town centre fun for Peterborough

The results of the Peterborough ET’s recent night life survey is in and the results aren’t that surprising when it sometimes feels that the only people that are vocal with their opinions are those that don’t really have anything good to say about Peterborough.

With only 12% of those surveyed rating Peterborough as “Good” or “Excellent” for a night out you’d think most city residents would be on anti-depressants by now. However, on a closer looking at the survey results it seems that only 21% never enjoy a night out in Peterborough – that’s 79% of people surveyed enjoying a night out at some point.

So how are the 79% enjoying their night out if 88% (59% rating poor and 29% rating average) are generally unhappy with the experience?

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Drinking Mojitos at CoCo Peterborough

Getting a cheap drink in Peterborough is easy, but getting a good drink in a venue with a bit of atmosphere has until recently been a bit more of a challenge.  In a town full of clone bars like Yates/Weatherspoons, cocktail bar and Mexican restaurant CoCo shows that there is a demand in Peterborough for something a bit more interesting.

So on a recent visit into town with a couple of friends, we decided to pay a return visit to CoCo to relax on the funky red sofas and drink Mojitos!

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Peterborough is unsafe at night

That’s if you believe what you read in local newspapers that is. To those thousands that travel into the city centre each weekend after hours, have a bite to eat and a bit to drink then maybe a dance and a kebab home, Peterborough is a pretty decent place.

Ok it’s no bustling metropolitan city like Manchester or Birmingham, but really who wants it to be? I personally don’t. Peterborough’s “that place” where people go to get their passport at the last minute. They didn’t know it existed before and they’ll probably forget again until they need another passport in 10 years time.

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Peterborough District Hospital

The NHS always gets a bad press with people reporting as they see it, but following a recent operation I personally can’t thank enough the doctors, nurses and staff at Peterborough District Hospital (PDH to locals).

With long shifts of around 12 hours a day I saw a number of different nurses including those from local RAF bases all of which had fantastic professional attitudes and really helped to make my recovery as comfortable as possible (which was difficult with various tubes sticking out of my body).

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Edoya Noodle Bar Review

On a busy Saturday afternoon in the middle of Peterborough city centre, where the order of the day is a greasy burger and people just a few doors down are queuing into the street to get a “French” sandwich and a cup of tea, I’m sitting with the girlfriend in a bustling Edoya hidden away down Wentworth Street.

I’ve blogged about this Japanese noodle bar and sushi restaurant before but this time I managed to tear myself away from the food just long enough to take a photo of my meal so that I can share it with all of you.

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