Big Cup Little Cup Nespresso coffee pods

Seemingly overnight, the coffee pod options for users of the (in my opinion) fantastic Nespresso coffee machine have multiplied to the point where there’s too many to keep track of. Where it was once a closed system now there are dozens of brands trying to get their Nespresso-compatible coffee capsules out to the market.

My earlier review of Caf?Pod capsules seems to have caught the eye of the cleverly-titled Big Cup Little Cup (more on that later) who offered to send me a few capsules for me to test. As someone who is fuelled on caffeine and appreciates a freebie, I of course said “yes please” with this review as the outcome. Continue reading “Big Cup Little Cup Nespresso coffee pods”

Update – CafePod gets in touch

Following my earlier review of the Caf?Pod Nespresso-compatible coffee pod system, Caf?Pod Director Peter Grainger got in touch to express his concern over the problems I had been having.

It turns out I was one of a small percentage of Nespresso owners whose machines were slightly incompatible with the Caf?Pod capsules and Peter and his team were already in the process of launching a new design of capsule. When Peter offered to send me a few capsules for me to try, I of course said yes (who in their right mind would say no to free coffee?!) and I’m happy to say these ones worked perfectly. Continue reading “Update – CafePod gets in touch”

CafePod vs Nespresso

If you already know what Nespresso is and don’t care for my waffling, skip to the CafePod vs Nespresso review bit

Coffee and Nespresso

If (like me) you’re pretty much reliant on coffee before you can function in the morning then you’ve probably looked at the plethora of coffee capsule machines out there from companies like Tassimo, Dolce Gusto and Nespresso.  Coffee aficionados would probably tell you otherwise, but to me at least the machines are all pretty much the same thing: water and coffee capsule go in, coffee comes out.  Each brand has it’s own range of machines and capsules, so once you’ve bought the machine you’re locked into buying that brand of coffee… at least, that’s how it’s supposed to work. Continue reading “CafePod vs Nespresso”

Gattonero 2012 Christmas card

Has it really been a year since I sent my last Gattonero Christmas card?

With rising postage costs I’m now even less motivated to send out a paper card so once again I made the call to local designer Liz Elcoate from Capriccio Design and gave her the brief.

As my freelance business Gattonero would be nothing without the black cat, I donate to the place we adopted from – the Peterborough branch of Cats Protection.? This year they have started an Amazon Wish List so you can donate actual items rather than a slightly impersonal bundle of cash, plus what cat doesn’t deserve a handful of Dreamies at Christmas?

Enough waffle, here’s this year’s Chrismas card design. Merry Christmas!

Gattonero 2012 Christmas card

Christmas Card for 2011

Truth be told, I don’t have much time for traditional paper based Christmas cards. I appreciate the sentiment, but lets be honest with ourselves, cards are expensive, as is the postage and come the New Year all the cards go into the recycling bin at best.

As someone that offers web development services, it only seemed fitting that I send a digital e-card to my clients. Not one of those dancing elf monstrosities, or a cobbled-together-in-5-minutes-because-we-forgot-to-get-cards-in-the-post type affair, but a bona-fide bespoke Christmas card. Then for good measure and a warm feeling inside, a hand-picked charity donation to a cause I’ve supported for a few years – Cats Protection

Last year I got in touch with local designer Liz Elcoate from Capriccio Design who produced a great art-deco “chat noir” style design.

This year I gave Liz the brief of something 50’s inspired, Christmassey and with the obligatory cat (in case you wondered, my company is called Gattonero – Italian for “black cat”). Here’s the finished design which I’m really pleased with:

Gattonero black cat christmas card

Mr Singh’s Sauce

It’s safe to say I like my chilli sauces. I always have a few half-eaten bottles of chilli sauce in the fridge, some hotter than others and each with a flavour that makes them suitable for different types of food. I’ve got Mexican sauces that are great with Fajitas and Jamaican sauces that are crying out for a pizza crust to be dunked in them – I’m yet to find the one sauce to rule them all. So when I heard of a new Punjabi-inspired sauce from Mr Singh’s I got myself a bottle and put it through it’s paces. Continue reading “Mr Singh’s Sauce”

Christmas Card for 2010

This year’s Gattonero Christmas e-card sent out to clients:

I wish I could take credit for the design, but I opted to use someone far better skilled at the artsy stuff that myself – Liz Elcoate from Sketchy Design Capriccio Design

Instead of sending paper based greetings cards, I sent this card by email and made a donation to Cats Protection –

Add some glamour to your gadgets

I’ve long had an affection for stickers. As a child I would rush to the local newsagent armed with my pocket money to choose whichever pack of stickers was flavour of that particular month (failing to complete the Panini 86 World Cup album was probably the reason why I care little for Football these days). ? But sadly my life has been void of stickers now for many years… until last Saturday when a trip up to Leeds for the Think Visibility conference introduced me to Gadget Glamour, a company that specialises in customising (or glamorising) your gadgets (mainly Apple gadgets) with a range of stickers, skins and cases.

Continue reading “Add some glamour to your gadgets”