Conrad Jones Soft Target series order

Since getting the Kindle app on my Android phone I’ve bought more books in the past year than the past ten combined, many of them at a discounted price.

I’m not sure how this works out for authors, but it means that I’ve found books by authors I’d have otherwise never come across… like Conrad Jones.

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Peterborough has Vivacity!

A few weeks ago Peterborough City Council announcement their intention to move all running of public sports, leisure and arts facilities into a new Peterborough Cultural and Leisure Trust and today I found out the name of said Trust – Vivacity!

Vivacity - Peterborough Culture and Leisure I hope this means an improvement in services for Peterborough residents, considering we’ve just lost another theatre (the Cresset is closing in a few weeks in case you hadn’t heard!) but why they feel the need to market it with a rebrand is beyond me. Rather than coming up with names, mission statements and logos,? just get out there and provide the services!

According to an article from the Institute of Sport and Recreation Management,Vivacity is the culmination of three years’ work. So this has been in the pipeline all this time?

“The launch marks the beginning of a push to encourage more people to use the city’s cultural, leisure and sports facilities.” – I’m not sure how many people will feel encouraged to pay more for Peterborough cultural, leisure and sports facilities but it’s not like we have much say in the matter.

What the move to a trust does mean is that once it has charity status there are additional benefits and the services will be able to dodge exempt from business rates that normally apply to business, so that alone does make financial sense.

Buying event tickets?

For fans, buying tickets for popular events like the upcoming Lady Gaga Monster Ball tour can be difficult… and expensive;? events quickly sell out and can end up with touts reselling them for many times over their face value. Thankfully you don’t need to worry any more with the Viagogo website helping to connect real fans with real tickets.

With a string of hits behind her, Lady Gaga combines singer-songwriter talent with a public image that’s as mad as a bag of frogs, just as this video shows:

I last used Viagogo earlier this year when selling some festival tickets and can recommend them first hand whether you’re buying or selling. The website is easy to use and provides all the tools to filter search critera based on ticket price and even seat location.

Hopefully you can put the Viagogo website to good use yourself and save a few quid in the process!

Virgin Media HD channels

As a long-time Virgin Media V+ customer, I’ve been waiting what seem like forever for them to offer HD channels (the part-time BBC HD doesn’t count in my opinion) and finally it looks like they’ve done it.

I’ve made my feelings quite clear in the past that I thought Virgin’s HD offerings were nothing short of a scam, with zero content other than a handful of on-demand offerings but by August we should have FX, National Geographic, Living and MTV Networks. The reason I’ve stuck with Virgin Media for all this time though is because the service is generally spot on with only a couple of niggles over the years that have resolved themselves.

In all, this really makes Virgin Media a serious choice for anyone looking for fantastic TV and movie content plus high speed Internet (whispers suggest 50Mbps in the very near future!). Hopefully they’ll use this momentum to introduce even more channels and not just sit on these for a couple of years more.

Source – TechDigest

Broadway Theatre Refunds Unlikely

Rinaldo FasuloWell, looks like the nail is firmly in the coffin for The Broadway Theatre in Peterborough.

In case you haven’t heard, the theatre owned by local businessman Rinaldo Fasulo, suffered from an arson attack which has meant that thousands of customers with tickets for future events look likely to lose their money.

The impact on local Peterborough businesses is expected to be pretty harsh too with many relying on mid-week performances at the Broadway to survive. Gaston’s restaurant which is also owned by Rinaldo (in addition to Sessions House) has been closed until further notice.

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There’s absolutely no doubt that MMO (or massively multiplayer online) games are big business.

With millions of players worldwide it can be daunting for newcomers to find themselves up against a level 80 Horde Death Knight when they’re still only a level 3 Warrior, so it was only a matter of time before companies started providing the means to buy MMO accounts and resources. Likewise, if you’ve finally decided to hang up your leather armour for good and retire from the game, but have painstakingly built up a fantastic MMO account over time then now you can sell your MMO account.

Now you can reliably get all your account sales needs from With legitimacy and security guarantees, this has to be one of the safest ways of getting a boost into World of Warcraft. scam has reviews from genuine customers – all independently verified by Ratepoint.

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Even more Celebrity Come Dine With Me

If Peter Stringfellow’s dodgy sink and Linda Barker’s embroidered napkins left you wanting more then want no longer – the last celebrity episode was so good, Channel 4 have another celebrity edition of their popular Come Dine With Me “cookery” show coming our way this November!

Airing at 8pm on Channel 4 this Thursday (13th November) the show will star the nation’s favourite hairdresser Nicky Clarke OBE, Mrs Vic Reeves Nancy Sorrell, model and businesswoman (and pop singer…) Caprice and last but most definitely not least, the original Little Jimmy Osmond!

Whilst these celebs might not be at the forefront of current pop culture, they’re hopefully the show will be a little more bearable this time around.

So, set your Plus system, your CD-R or maybe your trusty old VCR – Celebrity Come Dine With Me, Channel 4, Thursday 13th November, 8pm.

Official Channel 4 Come Dine With Me website

Unreality TV’s comment

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Celebrity Come Dine With Me – The verdict

As I predicted in my previous Celebrity Come Dine With Me post, there were some definite cringe moments, mainly due to Michelle Heaton’s lack of underwear – does this woman ever wear a bra?? But Peter Stringfellow’s collapsing kitchen sink was probably the highlight of the show.

From the off Linda Barker was out to impress and was in her element with an immaculately presented home. Anyone would think she does this for a living… Her napkins were embroidered with “come dine with me”, which she described as a groovy idea. Whatever you say love.

That aside the menu was relatively normal, no disasters but her dog biscuits turned out to be dog-shaped biscuits. I was looking forward to “double creep” Lee thinking he was a bit posh because he was nomming a Bonio.

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