Free things for children to do in Peterborough over the summer

Now that schools have broken up for summer, I suspect many parents across Peterborough will be looking for things to keep their children occupied.  Luckily, there are a range of exciting, free (and educational!) activities over the coming weeks that are perfect for inquisitive minds, young or old. 

This list is based around the world of STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.  As one of the founders of Peterborough STEM Festival I thought it would be helpful for parents to find out what’s going on in the area.

Please check each event’s relevant website before attending to make sure it’s suitable for your and your family.

August 5th

Peterborough STEM Festival Roadshow – Peterborough One Retail Park

CHaOS (Cambridge Hands-On Science) and ICE (the Institute of Civil Engineers) will be at a roadshow organised by Peterborough STEM Festival.  Held at the Peterborough One retail park on Sunday August 5th, in between Van Hage and Kiddicare.

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August 11th

Tim Peake’s Soyuz Tour – Peterborough Cathedral

Probably not the first thought for exhibits about space, but Peterborough Cathedral has events that are sure to inspire the next generation of astronauts.

From 11th of August to 5th November, Tim Peake’s Soyuz space capsule will be on display along with Tim’s emergency spacesuit and Soyuz descent parachute.
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PECT Green Festival – Ferry Meadows

Taking place on the 11th and 12th of August at Ferry Meadows, the Green Festival encourages visitors to discover how to live more sustainably and to develop long-term behaviour change. Areas of focus include everything from sustainable transport, recycling, locally and sustainably produced food, and nature and biodiversity.

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August 14th and 21st

Virtual Worlds – Peterborough Central Library

Take a trip into Virtual Worlds to create digital art and stories.

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August 18th

East Anglian Air Ambulance Emergency Services Fun Day – Ferry Meadows

Support the great work carried out by EAAA and other emergency services on their popular fun day at Ferry Meadows.  Activities include a children’s fairground, face painting plus a flying visit from an Air Ambulance!
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Various dates

For budding coders, Code Clubs are being held at Vivacity libraries across Peterborough.
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When schools return in September it doesn’t mean that the fun has to stop!  

October 5th

From October 5th to 14th, Peterborough Cathedral is continuing it’s space theme with a Museum of The Moon exhibit, featuring a seven-metre art installation of the moon.  There will also be lunar-inspired activities and events to take part in during this time.

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October 13th

Peterborough STEM Festival is back on Saturday October 13th for it’s big main event.  Aimed at ages 5-16 – but suitable for all the family, this year’s event at the KingsGate Conference Centre near Parnwell celebrates everything Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths from Peterborough and beyond with talks, workshops and interactive exhibits to get involved in.  

A number of special guests will be coming along, including BAFTA-winning children’s TV presenter Maddie Moate and Horrible Science author Nick Arnold.

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Lime and Chipotle Chilli Gourmet Marshmallows

As a self-confessed chilli addict I’m always on the lookout for products that will give me my next hit on the Scoville scale. So when last week’s episode of Sunday Brunch had food writer Rebecca Seal presenting a selection of gourmet marshmallows – including a Lime and Chipotle chilli flavour marshmallow, my interest was suitably piqued. I wasn’t convinced that anything other than the typical vanilla “marshmallow” flavour was necessarily a good thing but I’m open to trying new flavour combinations when there’s chilli involved. Continue reading “Lime and Chipotle Chilli Gourmet Marshmallows”

Cycle parking now included on Long Causeway plans

In what appears to be a small victory for campaigners, Peterborough City Council has now revised plans for Long Causeway in the City Centre to now include cycle parking – previously omitted from proposed development works.

The response I received from the council:
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RIP Max Power 1994-2010

The rumour-mill is grinding away and word on the street is that Bauer magazine Max Power is no more, closing it’s (lambo) doors for good.

It’s not much of a surprise to those into the modified car scene but it’s a shame nonetheless. Over the years the title has been out of favour with it’s target audience after shifting focus onto scantily-clad women rather than modified cars but even an editorial change in 2007 wasn’t enough to save it. Under Emap, Max Power was at one time the most popular magazine for car enthusiasts and hosted a number of live events.

As the Peterborough-based title employs a number of people locally hopefully they’re being moved to other titles but the outlook is bleak.

Do you work for Bauer?? Can you offer any more insight into rumoured closure of Max Power?? Leave a comment below

Renting a car in America in 2010

When it comes to driving in America, choosing the right car is half of the fun. When you’ve got endless miles sat with the cruise control jammed into “on” you need to make sure you’re in a happy place so choosing the right car is essential.
Even with the price of fuel being so much cheaper in the US, I’ll be ignoring the thirsty supercars in favour of something slightly sensible.

So looking ahead to what the car industry has to offer in 2010 I’ve found there’s quite a few models that tick the right boxes.

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Paston Parkway Footbridge

This story begins on the A1139 where the Paston Parkway meets the Frank Perkins Parkway. The roundabout serves virtually all of the traffic from the A47 that is heading to the South of Peterborough or beyond to the Southbound A1 or A605 / A14. Being fairly wide and as visibility is usually quite good, traffic can be at a rapid pace if you’re caught unawares and are a bit slow on the old gear change. Generally speaking, it worked and I don’t think there were any more accidents there than were to be expected.

This was fine for years until some bright spark decided it would be a great idea to slap a petrol station on this notoriously busy roundabout, adding an extra entrance/exit between two of the busiest approaches. Not only that, the petrol station became some kind of bastardised Somerfield with a KFC restaurant nestled in behind. It’s probably worth mentioning that the backdrop for this setting is a glorious landfill site which has a fine whiff to it if the air is in the right direction. Mmm fried chicken.

Before you read on, this story is covered much more accurately at the Paston Parkway J8 (Eye roundabout) website so you may find it beneficial to visit that site once you’ve finished digesting my spiel…

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Edoya renamed to Misaki

I’ve been meaning to make a quick blog post about this for a while now, but it slipped my mind.

For whatever reason, Edoya (Peterborough’s damn fine Japanese sushi and noodle bar) has been renamed to “Misaki”. The staff are the same, the menu’s the same (i.e. bloody fantastic) and well, it’s the same. Just a different name.

So if you’re struggling to find Edoya, or wonder if Misaki is the same place, then now you know!

Light up your life

One of the downfalls of being a freelancer is that you’re often just working solo, probably from the spare room / study and don’t have much call to leave the house, especially when the weather’s as miserable as it has been recently. Add to that the clocks going back the other weekend and now it’s dark outside even earlier.

So with that in mind, I’ve been thinking lighting and more specifically lamps and even more specifically, desk lamps (I do work from a desk, so it makes sense!).

What I hadn’t expected was the vast array of lamp designs and styles – upright necked, jointed, goosenecked or even keyboard lights. Once you’ve sorted that, then you need to consider the type of bulb!? Thankfully what could be a potential nightmare is made so much easier with websites like that crawl the internet looking for the best shopping deals.

I found several fantastic looking desk lamps, but they were all from shoppers in the US… the hunt continues!