Come Dine With Me – Peterborough

News is that the Peterborough version of Come Dine with Me has now been filmed and is due to air later on this Summer!

Regular readers of this blog will know I’m a fan of the series and a bit of a foodie but there’s no way I would put myself forward for the show.  Cooking under pressure isn’t any fun, plus over the years CDWM has become a bit of a caricature of itself with the contestants often paired together in the hope of something dramatic on TV.
Then with the endless repeats shown across digital TV it’s hard to keep track of which is the current series, so I’ve found my interest waning… of course I’ll be setting V+ to record the Peterborough episode of the show!

So I wonder what we can expect to see when Peterborough get’s it’s 5 minutes of TV fame.  Will we have a mix of the cultures that make up Peterborough?  English meets Asian meets Italian meets Eastern European?

Will the aspiring hosts be shopping locally at some of the great meat suppliers we have like Willowbrook Farm and deli’s like The Pasta Shop?  Will Peterborough get off lightly when it comes to narrator Dave Lamb’s comments?

If you know someone that took part in this episode of Come Dine With Me, I’d love to hear more about their experience!

Creating a buzz in The Bee Hive, Peterborough

Beehive pubSitting quietly on the edge of Peterborough town centre with Bourges Boulevard and the Asda carpark for company, the Beehive pub has always been a bit of an unknown quantity in Peterborough’s pub scene.  Admittedly I’ve never had up the courage or the desire to go inside, finding the location a bit inconvenient and never knowing if it’s still open for business.

I’ve not held back in the past with making my feelings known about Jim’s Bistro (read my review here), the French-esque restaurant on Broadway so hearing that owner James (Jim) Trevor is taking over the Bee hive has got my attention.  What are Jim’s plans for the Bee hive?

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View Peterborough on Google Streetview

Pretty much a year to the day when I first heard that Google’s Streetview cars had been spotted in Peterborough and the images have now gone live on Google Maps!

Have you had a look yet?  Do let me know if you find anything interesting happening in Peterborough that day – I know that may be a long shot…

Chimichanga Peterborough is open!

I’ve heard it on good authority from Richard Kendall (@richardkendall) that Peterborough’s latest Mexican-themed restaurant is open for business!

This does mean however that Prezzo Group neglected to keep me informed… shame on their PR department!  Let’s hope the food and the Tequila is up to scratch.

I’ve already made my feelings known about what I think this restaurant opening means for Peterborough but now I get to try it and put theory into practice.

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Chimichanga Mexican restaurant in Peterborough

Chimichanga Peterborough logoI walked past what was the Verve bar on Church Street and noticed that there’s now a “Chimichanga – We’re hiring” sign in the window, so I’m guessing it’s only a matter of weeks before Peterborough’s newest Mexican restaurant is open.  I reported on Chimichanga coming to Peterborough back in October so have been keeping an eye out for any new developments.

So Chimichanga is a chain restaurant and I can understand why many people loathe chains with a passion, but I think this is probably a good thing for Peterborough and if you’ll bear with me I’ll give you 5 reasons why…
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The smartphone hunt continues

So I went down the Android route, choosing the HTC Hero and overall I’m glad I did as for me, it does a few things better than the iPhone.

The Android Market was one of my big concerns but I’m happy to report that I’ve been able to find just about ever application I could want and more! Some are very good indeed and are used on a regular basis.

Not everything is rosy in HTC Hero land however – there are few things I would like to see improved upon: Continue reading The smartphone hunt continues

Renting a car in America in 2010

When it comes to driving in America, choosing the right car is half of the fun.  When you’ve got endless miles sat with the cruise control jammed into “on” you need to make sure you’re in a happy place so choosing the right car is essential.
Even with the price of fuel being so much cheaper in the US, I’ll be ignoring the thirsty supercars in favour of something slightly sensible.

So looking ahead to what the car industry has to offer in 2010 I’ve found there’s quite a few models that tick the right boxes.

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Buying event tickets?

For fans, buying tickets for popular events like the upcoming Lady Gaga Monster Ball tour can be difficult… and expensive;  events quickly sell out and can end up with touts reselling them for many times over their face value.  Thankfully you don’t need to worry any more with the Viagogo website helping to connect real fans with real tickets.

With a string of hits behind her, Lady Gaga combines singer-songwriter talent with a public image that’s as mad as a bag of frogs, just as this video shows:

I last used Viagogo earlier this year when selling some festival tickets and can recommend them first hand whether you’re buying or selling.  The website is easy to use and provides all the tools to filter search critera based on ticket price and even seat location.

Hopefully you can put the Viagogo website to good use yourself and save a few quid in the process!